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About ISO 14001 EMS for Electrical/Electronic Sector SMEs


The EPD has been encouraging the industrial sector, and all private organisations, to improve their environmental performance since 1994. A major focus of these efforts is the adoption of the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

As part of our promotion efforts, we have organised joint seminars and workshops with the Hong Kong Productivity Council and the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency, among others. In 2001, we also organised two larger events. A seminar on environmental management and green procurement was held with Environment Canada, and a separate gathering was organised on corporate environmental performance. These were well-attended and well-received.

In January 2005, the EPD launched a seminar and disseminated a support package on Environmental Management Information and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) tailored made for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the electrical/electronic (E/E) sector. They aim to help SMEs in the E/E sector understand the local environmental pressure from different stakeholders and stay competitive in the environmentally world business market.

The seminar was organised by the EPD with support from the then Environment, Transport & Works Bureau(ETWB), Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association, Philips Consumer Electronics, Fook Tin Technologies Ltd., SGS Hong Kong, Trade & Industry Department and Business Environment Council (
link to presentation material page). More than 200 participants representing SME, utilities, academia, consultants and government departments attended the seminar and share their valuable experience in environmental management.

More than 200 participants from the E/E sector attended a seminar on an Environmental Management Information and ISO 14001 EMS support package for the E/E sector organized by EPD in January 2005. Mr. Raistlin Lau, the Acting Deputy Secretary for the then  ETWB, gave a welcoming address.
Guest Speakers attended the Q&A session (from left to right):  Mr. Daniel Poon, Assistant Chief Economist, Hong Kong Trade Development,  Mr. Stanley Yue, Environmental Program Manager of Philips Electronics HK,  Mr. Jan Roodenburg, Senior Vice President, Philips Consumer Electronics,   Mr. Barry Kwong, Manager - Environmental Sustanability, Business Environment,   Mrs. Shirley Lee, Principal Environmental Protection Department,  Dr. John Chai, Manager Director, Fook Tin Technology Ltd.,  Mr. Chris Yau, Assistant Operation Manager of SGS Hong Kong, leading an open floor discussion.
Environmental Management Information and ISO 14001 EMS support package for the electrical/electronic sector

The support package for the E/E sector includes a review of updated environmental management information related to the latest trend in supply chain pressure in the E/E sector, a set of user-friendly generic ISO 14001 EMS templates, and a user manual with sector specific practical examples for the E/E sector to facilitate their adoption and implementation of the ISO 14001 EMS.

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