Persistent Organic Pollutants



Overview of Current POPs Situation in Hong Kong

To assess the current POPs situation in Hong Kong, the EPD has compiled an inventory of POPs in Hong Kong using a framework developed in accordance with relevant UNEP guidance documents. Existing data on the emission sources and environmental contamination levels of the 12 Convention POPs in Hong Kong from all available sources (relevant government databases, local academia and open literature) were collated and assembled. Data screening and quality assurance check were conducted during initial information retrieval and all data entries were cross-checked during data compilation.

The inventory is a scientific basis for assessing the environmental and human health impacts of POPs and supports the development of relevant action plans to reduce or eliminate POPs in Hong Kong.

Source Inventories

Environmental Levels

Dietary Exposure to POPs


Overview of Current POPs Status in Hong Kong




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Tuesday, 26 January, 2016