Control of Land Filling and Fly-Tipping Activities - What YOU can do if you spot landfilling / flytipping incident?


What's YOU can do if you spot land filling / fly-tipping incident?

If you spot a land filling or fly-tipping incident, you can report the incident to us by:
(1) calling EPD Hotline at 2838 3111 or calling the relevant Regional Office (see Contact Us for the telephone numbers of the Regional Office);
(2) filling in the Incident Report Form and fax to 2838 3111 or fax to the relevant Regional Office (see Contact Us for the fax numbers of the Regional Office)

To facilitate our follow-up investigation, please record down the precise location and time of the incident, registration number of vehicles, if any, involved. If it is safe, you may take videos or photos of the spotted case, but you are reminded that your own safety is our prime concern. If more information is gathered for the spotted case, this may help save court time and may increase the chance of success of the prosecution.

You are reminded that SAFETY IS ALWAYS THE PRIME CONCERN under all circumstances.

Land Filling and Fly-tipping Activity Report Form


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