Livestock Waste Information System

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Current condition of the River Ganges
River Ganges (Map N1)

North District

River Ganges

Measuring 31 km in length and covering an area of 18 km2, the River Ganges joins Shenzhen River before discharging into Deep Bay. The river receives discharge from 34 pig farms and 13 chicken farms. According to the Livestock Keeping Licences issued by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, these farms can rear about 47,000 pigs and 325,000 chickens.

Since 2001, there were 18 convictions against the farms in this river section under the Waste Disposal Ordinance and the Waste Disposal (Livestock Waste) Regulations. In the Year 2006, 17 public complaints were received and 135 inspections were conducted to these farms.

Please click here for details of the locations and conditions of the upstream and downstream sampling points at the River Ganges.

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