Non-Government Organisations / Green Groups


This webpage contains information contributed by others over whom, and in respect of which, the HKSAR Government may have no influence. Users may link from this webpage to sites provided by others. The HKSAR Government expressly states that it has not approved or endorsed the information provided by others on this webpage or any other sites linked to this webpage and the HKSAR Government accepts no responsibility or liability (howsoever caused) for such information.  The inclusion of any organisations does not in any way imply endorsement by the HKSAR Government and the non-inclusion of any organisations should not be construed as indicating any negative concern by the HKSAR Government towards those organisations.


  CarbonCare InnoLab
  Christian Family Service Centre
  Civic Exchange
  Clean Air Network -CAN
  Clear the Air
  Conservation International Hong Kong
  Designing Hong Kong
  Environmental Association
  Friends of the Earth (HK)
  Green Council
  Green Peace
  Green Peng Chau Association
  Green Power
  Green Sense
  Greeners Action
  Hong Kong Dolphinwatch Ltd.
  Hong Kong Society of Herpetology Foundation
  Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden
  Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong
  Produce Green Foundation
  Sustainable Ecological Ethical Development Foundation
  The Conservancy Association
  The Green Earth
  The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society
  The Nature Conservancy
  World Green Organisation
  World Wide Fund For Nature Hong Kong




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