Achievements in environmental pollution control on construction activities

Construction of Tsing Yi North Coastal Road

The project involved the construction of an overhead, 2.25 km long highway, linking Tsing Tsuen Bridge to the North West Tsing Yi Interchange.

Environmental Concern

The construction works passed a number of air sensitive receivers, such as schools and residential developments. The major environmental concern was dust emission during the site preparation and subsequent road construction.


Measures Adopted

Hoarding - Hoarding was provided at the site boundary adjacent to the residential development.

Treatment - The bodies and wheels of vehicles leaving the construction site were thoroughly washed by water spraying to remove dusty materials prior to exit. Water basins were constructed at the construction site exits to facilitate washing of vehicles.

Watering - Continuous water spraying was provided during the breaking of slope. Main haul road in the construction site was wetted by water trucks. Water tanks and pumps were provided at remote locations to ensure adequate supply of water for dust suppression.

Water trucks to maintain main haul road wet.
Water trucks to maintain main haul road wet.
Continuous water spray during breaking of slope.
Continuous water spray during breaking of slope.

Observations & Achievements

Through implementation of effective dust control measures at the construction site, the dust nuisance to the nearby schools / residential developments were significantly reduced.


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