Public Education Programme - Archive

Public Education Programme under the "Policy Framework for the Management of Municipal Solid Waste (2005-2014)" - The application period has ended, and funding applications are being processed.

The ECF Committee has agreed to allocate $10 million to support a Public Education Programme under the "Policy Framework". To tie in with the policy initiatives and timetable of the Policy Framework, applications are now invited under the specific themes below : (* higher priority).

a) Municipal Solid Waste Charging and Source Separation of Domestic Waste *
b) Producer Responsibility Schemes *
c) Integrated Waste Management Facilities *
d) Green Procurement
e) EcoPark.

Activities proposed under each theme are set out in the ECF Paper 34/2006-07.   Interested parties may make applications to deliver those activities in accordance with the Guide to Application.   In addition to the specific activities proposed, other proposals that are in support of the initiatives in the Policy Framework will also be considered.  Applicants should use this Application Form and submit the applications by mail on or before 10 April 2007 together with a softcopy to   Any enquiries can be made by email ( or telephone at 2594 6559.
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