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Date Press release - Topical issues
19-02-2019 EPD and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals sign funding agreement to revitalise Tseung Kwan O Landfill (with photos)
19-02-2019 Hong Kong School of Motoring in Siu Lek Yuen convicted again for discharging substandard wastewater
14-02-2019 Operating company of Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong convicted for discharging substandard wastewater
14-02-2019 Two contractors of Newport Theatre in Mong Kok convicted for illegally carrying out renovation works on holidays
12-02-2019 Contractor convicted and fined for carrying out illegal works in conservation area in Pok Wai, Yuen Long (with photos)
12-02-2019 EPD to launch peach blossom tree recycling service
01-02-2019 First batch of convictions secured under Product Eco-responsibility Ordinance with four REE sellers fined
31-01-2019 EPD and ECC extend Green LNY Fair to all LNY fair venues across the territory
30-01-2019 EPD to revise Indoor Air Quality Objectives on July 1
30-01-2019 Contractors of Harbour Glory construction site in North Point convicted for illegally carrying out construction works on Sunday
29-01-2019 EPD detects illegal import and storage of hazardous electronic waste by importer (with photos)
29-01-2019 Management company of Fu Heng Market in Tai Po convicted for illegal wastewater discharge
29-01-2019 "Plastic-Free Takeaway, Use Reusable Tableware" pilot programme saves over 1 million sets of disposable tableware
28-01-2019 First Registration Tax concessions for electric private cars - revision of "One-for-One Replacement" Scheme
25-01-2019 Contractor for Wan Chai commercial building redevelopment project convicted for causing noise nuisance
21-01-2019 SEN visits Kowloon City District
18-01-2019 Building works contractors of Integrated Rehabilitation Services Complex in Kwun Tong convicted for illegally carrying out works on holidays
16-01-2019 Thai restaurant in Kwun Tong convicted for illegal wastewater discharge into storm drain
15-01-2019 Butcher's chain stall Hundred Year Food Limited convicted for causing noise nuisance and obstructing enforcement officer
15-01-2019 E. Tech Management (HK) Limited convicted of improper storage of chemical waste (with photo)
14-01-2019 Building construction site in Sai Ying Pun convicted of using powered mechanical equipment to carry out works on Sunday
14-01-2019 Successful prosecutions by EPD against contractor and lorry driver for illegal horticultural waste disposal in Tai O
10-01-2019 EPD launches Glass Container Recycling Charter to promote glass bottle recycling (with photos)
08-01-2019 Four chain vegetable and fresh meat shops at Lane-Square in Tai Po convicted for repeatedly causing noise nuisance
02-01-2019 EPD to tighten qualifying standards for environment-friendly commercial vehicles from April 2019
01-01-2019 Vessels required to use compliant fuel within Hong Kong waters from today
01-01-2019 Amendment regulation to control air pollutant emissions from non-road vehicles comes into effect

Date Press release - Prosecution statistics
18-02-2019 Prosecution Statistics in January
09-01-2019 Prosecution Statistics in December

Date Press release - List of environmental impact assessment studies
10-01-2019 List of environmental impact assessments in fourth quarter 2018 released