Grading of beach water quality released


The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) today (June 14) released the latest grading of water quality for 38 gazetted beaches that are open for swimming and one non-gazetted beach (i.e. Discovery Bay*).

Fourteen beaches were rated as Good (Grade 1), 15 as Fair (Grade 2), nine as Poor (Grade 3) and one as Very Poor (Grade 4).

Grade 1 beaches are:

Cheung Chau Tung Wan Beach
Chung Hom Kok Beach
Discovery Bay
Hap Mun Bay Beach
Hung Shing Yeh Beach
Kiu Tsui Beach
Lo So Shing Beach

Repulse Bay Beach
South Bay Beach
St Stephen's Beach
Stanley Main Beach
Tong Fuk Beach
Trio Beach
Upper Cheung Sha Beach

Grade 2 beaches are:

Cafeteria New Beach
Cafeteria Old Beach
Castle Peak Beach
Clear Water Bay First Beach
Clear Water Bay Second Beach
Golden Beach
Kadoorie Beach
Kwun Yam Beach

Lower Cheung Sha Beach
Middle Bay Beach
Pui O Beach
Shek O Beach
Silver Mine Bay Beach
Silverstrand Beach
Turtle Cove Beach

Grade 3 beaches are:

Anglers' Beach
Approach Beach
Butterfly Beach
Casam Beach
Deep Water Bay Beach

Hoi Mei Wan Beach
Lido Beach
Ma Wan Tung Wan Beach
Ting Kau Beach

Grade 4 beach is:

Big Wave Bay Beach**


*: Discovery Bay is a non-gazetted beach without lifeguard service.

** Big Wave Bay Beach has been temporarily closed since June 4 due to the urgent works by Drainage Services Department at a nearby stream and the very poor (Grade 4) water quality measured by EPD. The beach will be closed until further notice.

Compared with the grading released last week, Stanley Main Beach has been upgraded from Grade 2 to Grade 1; Silver Mine Bay Beach from Grade 3 to Grade 2.  Kwun Yam Beach has been changed from Grade 1 to Grade 2; Deep Water Bay Beach from Grade 2 to Grade 3.

“Big Wave Bay Beach has been rated as Very Poor (Grade 4) since June 5, which was largely due to the recent unsteady weather and frequent heavy rain.  The changes in other beaches are generally within the normal range of fluctuation of the bacteriological water quality of the beaches,” an EPD spokesman said.

Under the present grading system, beaches are classified into four grades according to the level of E. coli in the water.  Grades are calculated on the basis of the geometric mean of the E. coli counts on the five most recent sampling occasions.

While the ratings represent the general water quality at the beaches, the EPD spokesman reminded members of the public that water quality could be temporarily affected during and after periods of heavy rain.  Bathers should avoid swimming at beaches for up to three days after a storm or heavy rainfall.

A summary of beach grades is published weekly before the weekend.  The latest beach grades based on the most current data may be obtained from the department's website on Beach Water Quality (www.epd.gov.hk/epd/beach) or the beach hotline, 2511 6666.

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