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EPD Environmental Protection Interactive Centre

How to use:

Request for Data / Information

  1. Click the "Request for Data/Information" at the left;
  2. Click the photo of Waste Collector List, Air Quality Data, Beach Water Quality Data, Noise Type Approved Vehicle Data, River Water Quality Data or Marine Water Quality Data;
  3. Select the type of data or information you wish to retrieve; and
  4. Input the parameters and search period to display the set of data you require.
Please note that a lot of environmental information, leaflets and scientific data are available in the homepage of Environmental Protection Department. You may download the information you required direct from For those information and database which attract a lot usage, we have enhanced them to a new database system in EPIC. The above steps lead you to the EPIC system. Through this system, you may specify the parameters and period of searching to display the particular set of information according to your own choices. You may also download the set of information to your computer.