Construction Waste


Construction Waste Statistics

Construction Waste Statistics

Monitoring Reports

Construction waste statistics of the past few years are presented in the reports, "Monitoring of Solid Waste in Hong Kong".

Disposal Records of Government Projects

Following are the reports of disposal records of construction waste arising from Government contracts. The data are provided for the Engineers / Architects or their Representatives to check their proper disposal of construction waste at landfills in accordance with Works Bureau Technical Circular No. 31/2004 on "Trip Ticket System for Disposal of Construction & Demolition Materials".

For making enquiry to the construction waste disposal records, please contact the relevant waste disposal facilities:

Waste Facilities Enquiries
LandfillsNorth East New Territories Landfill (NENT)2674-6505
South East New Territories Landfill (SENT)2706-8888
West New Territories Landfill (WENT)2472-4386
Outlying Islands
Transfer Facilities
Cheung Chau Station (CC)2986-9199
Hei Ling Chau Station (HLC)
Ma Wan Station (MaW)
Mui Wo Station (MW)
Peng Chau Station (PC)
Sok Kwu Wan Station (SKW)
Yung Shue Wan Station (YSW)

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