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A Guide to Corporate Environmental Performance Reporting - Annex2

Bass Group - selected example for hotels and restaurants sector
(Extracted from Bass Group : "The Environment Matters", 1998, p.2)

Bass Group Environmental Policy

With major hotel, leisure retailing and branded drinks activities around the world, Bass recognizes that it faces a wide range of environmental responsibilities.

Bass is committed to a policy of seeking continual improvement in environmental matters. Group companies have introduced environmental management programmes which will deliver regulatory compliance in each country, commercial efficiency and good environmental citizenship. These programmes are an integral part of the proper management of Group businesses and will help provide a safe and healthy environment for employees, contractors, customers and neighbors.

Bass will ensure that Group companies:

  • undertake a thorough risk and hazard analysis;
  • are sensitive to environmental issues and consider their potential impact in all new projects and developments;
  • implement their company environmental policies;
  • have management accountability and responsibility for environmental matters;
  • develop management programmes and set quantified targets where appropriate;
  • monitor and report on performance on a regular basis;
  • communicate with those affected by their actions; and train and involve employees at appropriate levels and functions within the organization.

September 1997

Tarmac Group - selected example for construction sector
(Extracted from Tarmac Group : "Environment Report 1998/1999", p.1)

Tarmac Group Environment Policy

Tarmac is committed to achieving world class performance in environmental practice and the development of solutions to improve the built environment. The Group has a responsibility for the impact of its operations on local communities and the natural environment. It is committed to minimizing their effects, both on its own and in partnership with others.

Tarmac's approach is based on achieving and reporting continuous improvement in environmental performance. Its Independent Environmental Advisory Panel monitors progress.

The implementation of this policy reflects the varying activities of the company in specific industry sectors, including:

  • Meeting all legal requirements, regulations and standards of the country of operation, and monitoring to ensure compliance.
  • Endeavouring to minimize the environmental impact of operations, and reduce the effects of noise, dust, disturbance and inconvenience as far as practicable.
  • Demonstrating efficient use of energy, water and raw materials, taking appropriate opportunities to minimize waste and to re-use or recycle.
  • Working to improve the standards of the sectors in which the company operates, enhancing environmental awareness and commitment amongst staff through structured training, and encouraging the adoption of sound environmental principles amongst contractors, suppliers and customers alike.
  • Responding positively to the environmental developments in each business area by review of such issues with the appropriate authorities, the local communities and other bodies.
  • Reporting the key environmental impact of operations, the improvements achieved and targets for the future.

Adopted 1994


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