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A Guide to Corporate Environmental Performance Reporting - Annex6

Policy Objective / Target Reported Information
Energy and Resource Use
We will manage and protect our renewable resources to ensure sustained yield and multiple use. Reduce the percentage of original natural material required in packaging by 50%

A team was established to ensure that packaging practices are state-of-the-art in terms of design, materials and waste minimization.

Original natural material in packaging was reduced by 55% by switching from cardboard with 30% recycled material to 70% recycled material for our packaging and reducing the number of cardboard dividers in the package. This project has reduced packing waste by approximately 6 tonnes annually and reduced packaging costs by $XX.

We will minimize the intrusion on the environment to recover non-renewable resources and restore sites to their original condition. Establish a facility that recovers non-renewable resources from existing products. The department processed over YY tonnes of recyclable material containing base and precious metals. We are also working closely with our contractors to recycle used durable products that currently go to landfill sites.
We will minimize energy consumption in operations. Reduce electricity consumption by 10% and gas consumption by 6%.

We fell short of our goal due to unforeseen power outages and shutdowns, and new equipment start-ups. We expect new energy efficiently projects, however, such as the co-generation facility at Site M, to put us back on target.

Energy management programs resulted in emissions reductions of YY tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Refurbish the office lighting, heating and cooling systems to reduce energy consumption. A new office lighting system reduced energy consumption by YY and saved the company $XX.
Pollution Prevention
We will minimize discharges and emissions of contaminants to air, water and land arising from our laboratory operations. Reduce air emissions (of substance X) by 10% from prior year. Tonnes of substance A released in air emissions this year and last year.
Reduce water discharges (of substance Y) by 6% from prior year. Tonnes of substance B discharged in effluents Ð this year and last year.
Build a new water treatment plant to treat water before it is discharged in the environment at Laboratory A. New water treatment plant, costing $XX, was put into operation during the year, removing an additional YY tonnes of substance C prior to discharging the water back into the environment.
We will promote reuse, recycling and by-product recovery and disposal of remaining wastes will be done in an environmentally safe manner. 50% of the construction materials will be packaged in reusable containers or in recyclable materials. Redesigned transport packaging for re-use reducing waste by XX tonnes. Equipment is being installed to increase the content of old corrugated containers to 100%.
We will search for technology to reduce and eliminate waste from our operations.
Establish a waste elimination team to investigate best available technologies.
The company established a waste elimination team during the year. A survey was developed and sent to all operating units to gather information about the technology, used and materials and energy efficiency. The team will analyze results and make recommendations in the coming year.
Scientific and technological innovation will be supported to enhance environmental and economic well-being. Commit $XX to research and development activities to design products that can be reused, recycled or safely disposed of.

Our research and development efforts have largely focused on environmental issues directly related to product design. During the year, the bureau/ department worked on two main projects, at a cost of $XX.

Laboratory A was used to test a new method for removing contaminants from plastic waste. The recompounded material is used at Facility B. The net savings are projected at $XX per year.

Environmental Management
We will conduct operation audits on a regular basis and initiate action plans, where required, to ensure compliance with the company environmental policy and government regulations. Conduct 5 site audits each year. Audits are performed at all major facilities and operations at least once every three years. Five audits were completed in the past year in accordance with our plans.
    Audit results were reviewed with location management and action plans developed to address all deficiencies. Progress against plans is reviewed on a regular basis.
Operations or Services
We will determine the potential environmental liabilities of a property or land being developed. All property and land developed will be subject to an environmental assessment where appropriate. The company has budgeted a total of $XX annually for 6 years, which can only be used to pay for environmental assessments.
We will identify activities and developments that are harmful or potentially harmful to people and the environment with alternatives that minimize social and ecological costs over their life-time. Establish management processes to introduce environmental analyses and maintain awareness of evolving best practices in new services or operation. The xxx job responsibilities were revised to include a review of the environmental impact of new services or operations and to explore possibilities for reducing any harmful effects.
Purchasing and Contracting
We will expect high environmental standards from our suppliers. Develop a package containing information about the bureau or department's environmental and purchasing policies and send it to all major suppliers. Suppliers information package sent to 150 major suppliers.
Education and Training
We will develop understanding among all employees of their responsibilities and assign the necessary authority. Increase employee and management participation in training and workshops by 5%. More than 2000 employees participated in environmental awareness and training sessions. This brings the total training coverage in the last three years to 80% of the workforce, up from 63% last year.
Develop introductory and advanced training courses. A general environmental awareness program was developed and presented to all personnel at all plant locations.
An advanced training program was developed and presented to all managers with plant level responsibility for complying with environmental policy and legislative requirements.
Workshops were held with drivers to discuss emergency response programs and legislative requirements in the event a spill occurs when product is in transport.
We will conduct all construction activities in a manner which places a premium on effective planning, careful monitoring and timely mitigation. Conduct regular inspections at all sites. Regular inspections were conducted at all sites.
Develop a detailed plan for dealing with environmental accidents and emergencies at Site A and Site B. Emergency response plans and a crisis management team has been established at Site A and Site B. Emergency response drills took place to ensure staff were familiar with the new procedures.
We will comply with environmental laws and regulations laws and regulations at all times and in the event of difficulties these will be reported to the regulatory authorities without delay. Achieve 100% compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Five water discharge locations were 100% in compliance in 19XX.
Four other had compliance levels averaging between 95-100%. All these operations have corrective action plans in place.
Six spills of untreated water occurred due to pump failures. More pumps have been added to increase the water handling capacity of the water treatment system.
We will report regularly to our directors on our environmental status. Present a quarterly report to the directors on environmental status and significant findings from the environmental audit program. Quarterly reports were presented to the directors by the Green Manager. Significant items requiring the directorsÕ attention included the impact of proposed regulation X on activity Y and programme C.
We will communicate openly about our environmental policy, practices and performance.

Prepare an environmental report for public distribution annually. This is our third year in which we have reported on environmental performance in a separate publication. This report is used to inform our staff, suppliers, and the community in which we operate about our commitment to the environment and how we are fulfilling that commitment.
We will keep the facilities open to our community and involve them in plant operations. Nominate an environmental contact person at all operational sites. Further information on each site can be obtained by contacting the people listed at the end of this report.
Establish a community advisory panel for the facilities. A community advisory panel was established and is composed of school board and police representatives, as well as other interested individuals in the community.

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