Environmental Protection Department Environment Hong Kong 2004
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1. Hong Kong's Environment 2. Community Awareness 3. Customer Service and Partnership 4. Environmental Assessment and Planning 5. Air 6. Noise 7. Waste 8. Water 9. Enforcement

  Chapter 5


Resources Materials
5.1 Government Structure for Air Quality Management
5.2 Emission Standards and Controls
5.3 Air Planning Advice Summary
5.4 Air Quality Objectives
5.5 Air Quality Statistics
5.6 Approved Equipment for Recovering and Recycling Controlled Refrigerants under the Ozone Layer Protection (Controlled Refrigerants) Regulation
5.7 Phasing Out of Ozone Depleting Substances in Hong Kong
5.8 Risk Management of Potentially Hazardous Installations
5.9 Legislation for Management of Air Quality



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