Environmental Protection Department Environment Hong Kong 2004
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1. Hong Kong's Environment 2. Community Awareness 3. Customer Service and Partnership 4. Environmental Assessment and Planning 5. Air 6. Noise 7. Waste 8. Water 9. Enforcement

  Chapter 1
  Hong Kong's Environment


Resource Materials
1.1 Estimates of Government Resources Devoted to Environmental Protection Work in 2003
1.2 Milestones in Hong Kong Environmental Protection
1.3 International Environmental Conventions and Agreements
1.4 Advisory Council on the Environment
1.5 LegCo Panel on Environmental Affairs
1.6 Highlights of Environmental Protection in Hong Kong
1.6.1   Air and Major Hazards
1.6.2   Environmental Assessment and Planning
1.6.3   Noise
1.6.4   Waste
1.6.5   Water
1.7 EPD's Departmental Administration and Environment, Safety and Health Management
1.8 Government Offices Involved in Environmental Protection
1.9 Ongoing and Completed Environmental Consultancies in 2003
1.10 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Subcommittee Membership List
1.11 Environmental Professional Organisations in Hong Kong
1.12 Business Environment Council
1.13 Hong Kong Productivity Council - Environmental Management Division
1.14 List of EPD Booklets, Leaflets and Reports
1.15 Publications and Papers Presented at Conference, Workshop, etc. relates to Environmental Protection



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