Environment Hong Kong 2006 Chapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: Cross-boundary and International Co-operationChapter 3: Community AwarenessChapter 4: Customer Service and PartnershipChapter 5: Environmental Assessment and Planning
Chapter 6: AirChapter 7: NoiseChapter 8: WasteChapter 9: WaterChapter 10: ConservationChapter 11: Environmental Compliance
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We would like to thank the following persons and organisations for their contribution of photos (in alphabetical order):

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
Four photos, one on page 106, two on page 107 and one on page 108


Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
One photo (left) on page 103



Geocarto International Centre
Two photos, each on pages 20 and 24



Guangdong Environmental Protection Bureau
One photo (left) on page 23



Highways Department
One photo (right) on page 23



Ho Koon Education Cum Astronomical Centre Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen
One photo (top) on page 1



Hong Kong Tourism Board
Five photos, each on pages 14, 16 (middle), 17 (top), 39 and 77



Information Services Department
Six photos, two each on pages 16 (top and bottom), 17a (top and middle) and 22



Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation
One photo (bottom) on page 17a



Lands Department
One photo on page 54, (License No. G35/2005)



Or Ka Man Carmen (Ms)
One photo on page 61



Put O ANG, Jr (Prof), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
One photo on page 5



The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd
Two photos, each on pages 65 (left) and 103 (right)



The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Ltd
One photo (right) on page 74



The Patrouille de France
One photo (right) on page 62

2005/2006 Environmental Protection Department Photography Competition Contestants

CHAN Chiu-tak, Alfred (Mr)
One photo (bottom) on page 1



LI Wai-cheung (Mr)
One photo on page 99



LIU Sai-man, Simon (Mr)
One photo (top) on page 100



TSANG Chau-chiu, Sam (Dr)
One photo (bottom) on page 109



WONG Wai-man, Raymond (Mr)
One photo (top) on page 90



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