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3.1 Environmental Campaign Committee

The Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC) was set up in 1990 to promote public awareness of environmental issues and encourage the public to contribute actively towards a better environment. Committee members are appointed by the Chief Executive. They come from Green Groups, the education sector and academic field, industrial and business organisations, professional institutions and community service agencies. Representatives of relevant government departments, including the Environmental Protection Department, also sit on the Committee. Since its establishment, the ECC has organised many environmental events and activities for different sectors of the community.

Terms of Reference

The Committee is:

  1. to keep environmental issues constantly before the public with the objective of fostering more enlightened attitudes and more responsible behaviour towards the environment;
  2. to keep under review the impact and effectiveness of publicity and educational programmes on environmental issues and, where appropriate, to follow up the findings of such reviews;
  3. to advise the Government on community environmental education issues;
  4. to mobilise and manage resources for the purposes of promoting environmental awareness in Hong Kong in collaboration with environmental groups and other organisations;
  5. to encourage and, where necessary, provide coordination of various publicity activities undertaken by non-government bodies and by government departments; and
  6. if funds permit, to plan and oversee environmental activities for the United Nations' World Environment Day in Hong Kong and for the annual Environmental Protection Festival and for any other special environmental protection events as the Committee may decide.

Membership List of the Environmental Campaign Committee
(From Jan 2004 to December 2005)

Mr Joseph Lee Chung-tak, BBS, JP

Mrs Ng Fong Siu-mei, BBS

Mr Stephen Chan Chit-Kwai, JP
Mr Benny Chan Sai-biu
Mr Chan Tak-chor, MH, JP
Ms Chau Chuen-heung, MH, JP
Ms Maggie Koong May-kay
Ms Goretti Lau Wai-kuen
Dr Law Chi-kwong, SBS, JP
Ms Elizabeth Law Kwan-mei
Professor Shane Zee Sze-yong, SBS
Mr George Tam Siu-ping
Dr Eric Tsang Po-keung

Ex-officio Members
Secretary for Home Affairs, or representative
Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works, or representative
Secretary for Education and Manpower, or representative
Director of Environmental Protection, or representative
Director of Health, or representative
Director of Information Services, or representative

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