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3.2 Environment and Conservation Fund Committee


The Environment and Conservation Fund Ordinance (Cap. 450), which established the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF), was enacted in June 1994. The ECF came into operation in August 1994. Section 5 of the Ordinance (Cap. 450) provides for the Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works to act as the trustee of the ECF. Section 7 of the Ordinance provides for the establishment of an Environment and Conservation Fund Committee.

Terms of Reference

  1. to vet applications seeking funding support from local organisations to undertake educational, research, and technology demonstration projects and activities in relation to environmental and conservation matters, as well as community waste recovery projects and to advise on their relative priorities for funding support; and
  2. to advise the trustee on the exact amount of funds to be allocated for each project supported.

Strategic Objectives

The primary objective of the Environment and Conservation Fund Committee is to promote individual behavioural and lifestyle changes to protect the environment and achieve sustainable development. In particular, these changes should lead to :

  • conservation of biological diversity with particular reference to marine conservation;
  • improvement in air quality;
  • reduction in noise pollution;
  • improvement in water quality;
  • minimisation of waste generation and promotion of the 3Rs concept; and
  • sustainable use of energy.

Membership List of the Environment and Conservation Fund Committee
(16 October 2004 to 15 October 2006)

Prof David Lung Ping-yee, SBS, JP

Prof Chan Chi-ming
The Honourable Choy So-yuk, JP
Mr Edwin Lau Chi-kit
Ms Lau Ka-shi
Mr Joseph Lee Chung-tak, BBS, JP
Mr Man Mo-leung
Dr Tso Wong Man-yin, BBS

Ex-officio Members
Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works, or representative
Permanent Secretary for Education and Manpower, or representative
Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation, or representative
Director of Environmental Protection, or representative

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