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Participating Schools of the Fifth Hong Kong Green School Award
Secondary School Category
Aberdeen Baptist Lui Ming Choi College
Assembly of God Hebron Secondary School
Belilios Public School
Buddhist Kok Kwong Secondary School
Buddhist Tai Hung College
C.C.C. Fong Yun Wah Secondary School
C.C.C. Rotary Secondary School
Caritas Fanling Chan Chun Ha Secondary School
Caritas Ma On Shan Secondary School
Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Secondary School
Chiu Chow Association Secondary School
Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School
Chong Gene Hang College
Christian & Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School
CMA Secondary School
Confucius Hall Middle School
Cotton Spinners Association Secondary School
CUHK FAA Thomas Cheung Secondary School
E.L.C.H.K. Lutheran Secondary School
Fukien Secondary School
German Swiss International School ( Secondary Section )
HHCKLA Buddhist Ma Kam Chan Memorial English Secondary School
Ho Lap College (Sponsored by The Sik Sik Yuen)
Ho Ngai College (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)
Homantin Government Secondary School
Hong Kong and Kowloon Women's Association Sun Fong Chung College
Hong Kong Juvenile Care Centre Chan Nam Cheong Memorial School
Hong Kong Teachers' Association Lee Heng Kwei Secondary School
Kiangsu-Chekiang College ( Shatin )
King George V School
Kowloon True Light Middle School
Kwun Tong Kung Lok Government Secondary School
Lee Kau Yan Memorial School
Lions College
MKMCF Ma Chan Duen Hey Memorial College
Pak Kau College
Po Leung Kuk 1984 College
Po Leung Kuk Celine Ho Yam Tong College
Pok Oi Hospital Tang Pui King Memorial College
Princess Alexandra Red Cross Residential School ( Secondary Section )
Pui Ching Middle School
Rosaryhill School ( Secondary Section )
S.K.H. Li Fook Hing Secondary School
S.K.H. Lui Ming Choi Secondary School
S.K.H. St. Simon's Lui Ming Choi Secondary School
S.T.F.A. Yung Yau College
Sai Kung Sung Tsun Catholic Secondary School
Sha Tin College
Sha Tin Methodist College
Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School ( West Kowloon )
St. Antonius Girls' College
St. Paul's Convent School
St. Paul's School (Lam Tin)
T.W.G.Hs. Kwok Yat Wai College
T.W.G.Hs. Mrs. Wu York Yu Memorial College
T.W.G.Hs. Sun Hoi Directors' College
T.W.G.Hs. Yow Kam Yuen College
Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School
Tang Shiu Kin Victoria Government Secondary School
Textile Int Acc Woo Han Fai Secondary School
True Light Girls' College
Wah Yan College, Hong Kong
Yan Chai Hospital Lan Chi Pat Memorial Secondary School
Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Secondary School
Primary School Category
AD & FD of POHL Mrs. Cheng Yam On School
Aldrich Bay Government Primary School
Aplichau Kaifong Primary School
B.M. Kotewall Memorial School
Beacon Hill School
Bishop Ford Memorial School
Bonham Road Government Primary School
Bradbury School
Buddhist To Chi Fat She Yeung Yat Lam Memorial School
Buddhist Wong Cheuk Um Primary School
Buddhist Wong Cheuk Um Primary School (P.M.)
C.C.C. Kei Chun Primary School
C.C.C. Kei Shun Special School
C.C.C. Kei Tsz Primary School
Castle Peak Catholic Primary School (P.M.)
Cheung Chau Public School
Chinese Methodist School ( North Point ) (A.M.)
Chiu Sheung School, Hong Kong
Clearwater Bay School (Primary Section)
Five Districts Business Wel. Assn. School
Fuk Wing Street Government Primary School
G. T. (Ellen Yeung) School (Primary Section)
Ha Tsuen Heung Pak Nai Public School
Haven of Hope Sunnyside School
HHCKLA Buddhist Chan Shi Wan Primary School
HHCKLA Buddhist Wisdom Primary School
Ho Ming Primary School (A.M.)
Holy Family School
Hong Kong Student Aid Society Primary School
Hong Kong Taoist Association Chan Lui Chung Tak Memorial School
Hong Kong Taoist Association Shun Yeung Primary School
Hong Lok Yuen International School
Kennedy School
Kowloon Tong School ( Primary Section )
Kwong Ming School (P.M.)
Lingnan University Alumni Association Primary School
Mary Rose School ( Primary Section )
Ng Wah Catholic Primary School
NTW & JWAL Leung Sing Tak Primary School (A.M.)
Oblate Fathers Primary School (A.M.)
Peak School
Pegasus Philip Wong Kin Hang Christian Primary School cum Junior Secondary School (Primary Section)
Po Leung Kuk Chee Jing Yin Primary School
Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Sau Nan Primary School
Po On Commercial Association School
Poo Ai Catholic Primary School
Princess Alexandra Red Cross Residential School ( Primary Section )
Rosaryhill School ( Primary Section )
S.K.H. Fung Kei Millennium Primary School
S.K.H. Fung Kei Primary School
S.K.H. Kei Hin Primary School
S.K.H. Kei Lok Primary School
S.K.H. Tin Wan Chi Nam Primary School
S.K.H. Wing Chun Primary School
S.K.H. Yan Laap Primary School
Sai Kung Central Lee Siu Yam Memorial School
Sam Shui Natives Association School
Saviour Lutheran School
Sha Tin Junior School
St. Andrew's Catholic Primary School
St. Antonius Primary School (P.M.)
St. Bonaventure Catholic Primary School
St. Paul's Co-Educational ( Kennedy Road ) Primary School
Sun Fong Chung Primary School (A.M.)
Sun Fong Chung Primary School (P.M.)
Sung Tak Wong Kin Sheung Memorial School (A.M.)
Sung Tak Wong Kin Sheung Memorial School (P.M.)
Ta Ku Ling Ling Ying Public School
Tai Kok Tsui Catholic Primary School (Hoi Fan Road)
Tai Po Government Primary School
Tai Po Methodist School
Tan Chuk Hang Public School
The Salvation Army Lam Butt Chung Memorial School
The Salvation Army Shek Wu School (Primary Section)
Tsuen Wan Lutheran School
Tung Koon School (Sheung Shui)
Tung Tak School
Tung Wan Mok Law Shui Wah School
W F Joseph Lee Primary School
Xianggang Putonghua Yanxishe Primary School of Science and Creativity
Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si Primary School (A.M.)
Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si Primary School (P.M.)
Yuk Yin School

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