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These Generic ISO 14001 EMS Templates have been created to give small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in any sector a head start in developing an effective EMS. You can start with these templates as a basis for your EMS and tailor them to your own specific circumstances by inserting your company details where prompted.

The templates illustrate the structure, organisation and content of a typical EMS in four levels of documentation:

An EMS Manual (EM) - providing a "road-map" of the EMS, outlining its structure, how it is implemented, and the designation of staff responsibilities, etc;
Environmental Procedures (EP) - "system procedures" that detail how different requirements of the EMS are implemented (for example evaluating significant environmental aspects, providing staff training, document control, EMS auditing, etc);
Environmental Instructions (EI) - "operational instructions" that demonstrate how specific activities are performed to comply with the requirements of the EMS, (for example green office practices, waste management, air pollution control, etc); and
Environmental Records (EF) - "evidence" that the EMS procedures and instructions are working effectively (for example registers of environmental aspects and legal and other requirements, environmental objectives and targets, EMS training records, etc).

When developing your EMS documentation, simply insert your company's information into the templates according to the colour-coded and special fonts as follows:


Replace COMPANY NAME with your company's name in all of the generic ISO 14001 EMS templates.


(Italicised) words in brackets are hints for the information specific to your company that should be inserted in that section.


Italicised words highlighted in purple colour show the practices usually adopted by your industry, but can be changed to reflect your company's culture and practices.


Document number is highlighted in green colour for easy reference and can be amended to your company's preferred numbering system.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To be worthwhile and successful your EMS needs to be appropriate to the activities, products and services that your company provides and address your environmental impacts, legal requirements and operational processes. Whilst these templates provide a sound EMS basis and format, you will need to tailor them carefully to your specific circumstances. Please make full use of the User Manual and Practical Examples for explanations and illustrations as to how the templates can properly be adopted.

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