Environmental Protection Department Environmental Performance Report 2004
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1  Environmental Policy
2  Organisation, Programmes and Responsibilities
3  EPD Offices and Facilities
4  Our Influence and Impact on the Environment
5  Our Contribution to the Environment
    5.1  Our Contribution to Strategic Decision-Making
    5.2  Planning for a Better Environment
          5.2a  Prevention and Mitigation through Environmental Impact Assessment 
          5.2b  Better Air Quality
          5.2c  Quieter Environment
          5.2d  Controlling Water Pollution
          5.2e  Environmentally Sound Waste Management and Facilities
    5.3  Effective Enforcement and Emergency Response
    5.4  Building Partnerships
    5.5  Environmental Awareness and Education
    5.6  Professional Development and Research
6  Our Own Operations
    6.1  Corporate Environmental Management and Safety & Health Management
    6.2  Minimising the Impacts of Our Operations
    6.3  Greener Office
    6.4  Staff Awareness, Training and Participation
7  Progress on Year 2003 Targets
8  Targets for 2004
9  Verification Statement
10  Feedback Form