1.      This Report describes our responsibilities and efforts in 2008 to improve Hong Kong's environment through our policies, programmes and operations and contribute to sustainable development in Hong Kong.

2.      It combines input from the Environment Bureau (ENB) and Environmental Protection Department (EPD), whose activities are closely intertwined. The ENB was formed in 2007 and is the single administrative entity in the Hong Kong SAR Government responsible for environmental and sustainability matters, including the EPD. No significant changes occurred to our size or structure in 2008.

3.      This is the ninth annual environmental performance report produced by the EPD since 2000. The emphasis on the environment is deliberate given this is the primary focus of ENB's and EPD's work. However, we also give consideration to other sustainability issues as far as possible with reference to the Global Reporting Initiative.

4.      Our target readership includes members of the Executive and Legislative Councils, academics, green groups, local and overseas organisations and businesses, members of the general public with an interest in environmental protection and other government bodies.

5.      The reporting period covers 1 January 2008 - 31 December 2008, unless otherwise stated. This Report is published in English and Chinese on our website (www.epd.gov.hk) and in CD-ROM format to reduce paper consumption. All monetary figures are in Hong Kong dollars.

6.      In parallel with this Report, we also publish Environment Hong Kong 2009, an annual report written for the general public. It provides background information and descriptions of interesting developments in environmental protection during 2008.

Feedback on the Environmental Performance Report 2008

7.      The EPD invites readers to share their views and suggestions on this Report through the feedback form. In 2008 we received 19 replies. The response was quite good. In terms of readability, the provision of charts and tables, and the report's performance on 'understanding our environmental performance', the large majority of respondents graded the report 'good' or 'average'. We have taken on board suggestions for improving readability by shortening the text in the current report as much as possible and providing a variety of charts and tables. We have also tried to improve links between the main text and the section on our Targets. In addition to commenting on presentation, respondents also indicated which areas they were most interested in, and energy, sustainable development, air quality, waste and environmental compliance were the most frequently cited.