B. Vision and Strategy

Vision and Mission

1.      Our vision and mission are threefold: to achieve a healthy and pleasant environment, to achieve the sustainable development of our community, and to secure a reliable, safe, efficient and reasonably-priced supply of energy.

2.      To fulfil those goals, we have adopted an Environmental and Energy Policy that applies to our services, programmes and internal operations (the full text is at Appendix I). The guiding principles of this policy are as follows:

compliance with the letter and spirit of environmental laws;

- pre-emption of environmental problems through planning and prevention;
- preparedness for dealing with emergency environmental incidents;
- minimisation of consumption;
- communication of our goals to our staff and the public; and
- training and professional development of our staff.


3.      To address sustainability issues arising from our policies and programmes, we have established eight environmental strategies to ensure we achieve improvements and prevent future problems (see table below).

Environmental Strategies

Contribute to the formulation of major policies and plans within the Government, including town planning.

Minimise environmental impact of policies, strategies and planning proposals.

Incorporate sustainability in decision-making process.

Develop and implement environmental improvement programmes, monitor environmental quality and handle pollution complaints and incidents.

Achieve direct improvements in:

Air quality

Noise mitigation
Water quality
Waste management
Nature conservation
Plan and provide waste management facilities.

Ensure waste is handled and disposed of in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

Establish a regulatory control framework and enforce environmental ordinances.

Reduce air, water, waste and noise impacts from polluting activities.

Formulate policies on energy supply and develop programmes to promote energy efficiency. Minimise environmental impacts from the production and use of energy.

Build partnerships and engage stakeholders.

Secure better co-operation and build capacity among all sectors in improving the environment and promoting sustainable development.

Deliver environmental education programmes to promote environmental awareness and public participation.

Increase community awareness and support for programmes to enhance our environment.

Support research and professionalism in the environmental disciplines.

Contribute to the development of the environmental management profession in Hong Kong.