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Verification Statement

  Hong Kong Productivity Council

Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) was commissioned by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) to verify its Environmental Performance Report 2011 (EPR 2011). The EPR 2011 covers environmental, social and economic performance of the Environment Bureau (ENB) and EPD during the calendar year of 2010.


The objective of HKPC's verification work is to provide a third-party assurance on the completeness, accuracy and reliability of information presented in the EPR 2011, and more specifically to:
  assess whether the scope of the EPR 2011 covers all significant aspects in relation to ENB's and EPD's performance;
  evaluate whether the selected statements and data presented in the EPR 2011 are accurate;
  review whether the data collection and information management mechanisms used to prepare the EPR 2011 are reliable; and
  provide recommendations for future reports.

Our verification procedures comprised a comprehensive review of the EPR 2011, followed by the selection of a representative sample of statements and data for verification. Through a series of interviews with ENB's and EPD's representatives during 11 – 23 November 2011, we reviewed and examined the data collation systems and supporting materials relating to the selected statements and data as well as their relevant management practices and initiatives.


Report Completeness

The EPR 2011 presents a structured and comprehensive overview of the environmental performance with respect to ENB's and EPD's key services, activities and initiatives in terms of their operations as well as the overall situation in Hong Kong. The EPR 2011 also reports a number of social and economic aspects of ENB and EPD. Some of the ENB's and EPD's major initiatives are presented in the form of case studies to provide an in-depth account of achievements.

Report Accuracy and Reliability

The selected sample of statements and data examined during the verification process reflect an accurate and fair account of ENB's and EPD's environmental, social and economic performance. The data collation and information management systems adopted are generally considered to be effective, reliable and organized. ENB and EPD are commended for continuously improving the reliability of their EPR by enhancing the illustrations with photos and graphical presentation of the data.

Recommendations for Future Reports

We encourage ENB and EPD to consider the inclusion of the following aspects in the preparation of their future reports:
  To present data summary for more years regarding ENB's and EPD's internal operations to facilitate comparison with their yearly performance;
  To provide further information on how to address stakeholders' comments on the previous reports; and
  To review the requirements of Global Reporting Initiative G3.1 Guidelines and include appropriate social performance indicators such as human rights, local community impacts and gender to enhance transparency on a wider range of aspects.

Clement Li

Clement Li
Principal Consultant
Hong Kong Productivity Council
2 December 2011

[1] Our verification work did not cover data and information which have already been published in the ENB’s and EPD’s websites as well as other publicly accessible websites.

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