Summary of Abbreviations  
ACG Advisory Council on the Environment
AG Advisory Group on Waste Management Facilities
DEP Director of Environmental Protection
ECC Environmental Camgaign Committee
ECF Environment and Conservation Fund
EEE Electrical and electronic equipment
EIA Environmental inpact Assessment
HKGSA Hong Kong Green Pre-School and Green School Award
IWMF Integrated Waste Management Facilities
LFG Landfill gas
MBT Mechanical-biological treatment
MSW Municipal solid waste
NENT North-East New Territories Landfill
NGO Non-government organisation
PER Bill Product Eco-responsibility Bill
PRH Public rental housing
PRS Producer responsibility scheme
RCP Refuse collection point
RDF Refuse derived fuel
RTS Refuse transfer station
SDC Council for Sustainable Development
SEAS School Enviromental Award Scheme
SENT South-East New Terriories Landfill
SEPAS Student Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme
STT Short term tenancy
WEEE Waste electrical and electronic equipment
WENT West New Territories Landfill
WRFP Waste Reduction Framwork Plan

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