Aluminium Works (Secondary Aluminium Processes) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Cement Works (Cement Depot) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Cement Works (Concrete Batch Plant) (暂时只提供英文版本)

- Guidance Note on the Application for Renewal of Specified Process Licence for Concrete Batching Plant  (暂时只提供英文版本)

Cement Works (Concrete Block and Precast Concrete) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Cement Works (Manufacture of Cement and associated process) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Chemical Incineration Works (暂时只提供英文版本)
Copper Works (Melting of copper and/or copper alloys) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Electricity Works (Coal-fired plant, gas-fired gas turbine,and oil-fired gas turbine (Peak lopping plant)) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Electricity Works (Emergency generators) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Incinerators (crematoria) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Incinerators (municipal waste incineration) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Incinerators (Sewage Sludge Incineration) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Iron & Steel Works (Cupolas) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Iron & Steel Works (Electric Arc furnace) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Lead Works (Manufacture and Use of Lead Compounds) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Mineral Works (Stone crushing Works) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Mineral Works (PFA classification plant) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Non-ferrous Metallurgical Works (Melting of Zinc and/or Zinc Alloy) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Organic Chemical Works (Batch Manufacture of Organic Chemical in Multipurpose Plant) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Organic Chemical Works (Bulk Storage of Organic Liquid) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Pathological Waste Incinerators (暂时只提供英文版本) 
Petrochemical Works (Polymerisation of Olefins) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Petroleum Works (Preparation of Used Lubrication Oil for Re-use by Thermal Process) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Rendering Works (Fish Meal Factory)  (暂时只提供英文版本)
提炼工程 (猪油/煮骨厂) 
Tar and Bitumen Works (Asphaltic Concrete) (暂时只提供英文版本)
Zinc Galvanising Works (Hot Dip Galvanising) (暂时只提供英文版本)



General Requirements of Continous Emission Monitoring (CEM) System  (暂时只提供英文版本)


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