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A Simple Guide to Set Up an Environmental Management System

Set Up A Green Management Committee (Module 2)

A Green Management Committee is .....

A committee comprising representatives from different functional or regional divisions of an organization. It takes the responsibility for managing the environmental issues of the organization under the chairmanship of the Green Manager.

Why do you need to form the Green Management Committee(GMC)?
How can you form the Green Management Committee (GMC) ?
What are the Organizational Relationships among the Green Manager, the Green Management Committee and the Green Effort Teams ?


Image of Steps to TakeImage of Steps to Take

Some hints on the Terms of Reference of the GMC

Image of Record Your AchievementsImage of Record Your Achievements

Why do you need to form the Green Management Committee (GMC) ?

The GMC helps the Green Manager develop and implement the environmental programmes in the following ways :

Chart of GMC


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