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Public Involvement and Interaction with Stakeholders

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Consultation with the Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE)

The Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE) is the Government's principal advisory body on matters related to pollution control and sustainability of the environment. It is consulted on a wide range of issues relating to new legislative proposals, major policy initiatives and the implementation of existing pollution controls and conservation measures. The current Advisory Council on the Environment consists of twenty-three members. Please refer to Appendix IV for a full membership listing.

Under the Ordinance, the consultation role of the ACE has been made more active in relation to two key documents compiled during the EIA process, namely project profiles and EIA reports, for which the Director must take into account any comments made by the ACE in any of his subsequent decisions in relation to an application.

The Director is also required to notify the ACE on any environmental permit issued for an EIA report that has been presented to the Council under section 6(7) of the Ordinance.

Operational Arrangement with the ACE

Photo of Advisory Council on the Environment
Advisory Council on the Environment

In order to facilitate the fulfillment of statutory duties by the ACE and the Director, in addition to forwarding documents to the Secretariat of the ACE - EIA Subcommittee project profiles and EIA reports and informing their individual members of availability for public inspection, the Director must also prepare a monthly update on all applications received under the Ordinance in addition to a quarterly list of study briefs issued for members to select projects for presentation during Subcommittee meetings when their EIA reports have been reviewed by the Director.

Presentation of EIA Reports

Photo of ACE Environment Impact Assessment Subcommittee
ACE Environment Impact Assessment Subcommittee

The ACE - EIA Subcommittee meets on a monthly basis, and considers no more than three EIA reports during each meeting. The Subcommitee studies EIA reports submitted to it and then reports on its deliberations and findings and makes recommendations. The recommendations of the Subcommittee are presented to the ACE for consideration and eventually passed on to the Director of Environmental Protection for his consideration in assessing EIA reports.

From the enactment of the Ordinance in April 1998 to end of December 2001, 39 EIA reports were forwarded to the Subcommittee for their comment and advice.

Please see Appendix V - VII for Papers Discussed by the ACE-EIA Subcommittee in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001.

Please see Appendix IX for Comments on EIA Reports from the Advisory Council on the Environment.

The Subcommittee increased from nine to ten members who are also members of the ACE full council from January 2001.

Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE) EIA Subcommittee Membership List (1 April 1998 - 31 December 2001)
Professor Lam Kin-che  
Mr Otto Poon Lok-to  
Professor Peter Ronald Hills (until 31 December 2000)
Professor Anthony Hedley, BBS, JP (from 1 January 2001)
Mr Lin Chaan-ming  
Mr. Peter YC Lee (from 1 January 2001)
Dr Ho Kin-chung (appointed on the nomination of Green Power)
Dr Ng Cho-nam (appointed on the nomination of the Conservancy Association)
Mr Plato Yip # (appointed on the nomination of Friends of the Earth)
Miss Yau Shuk-kau, Alex (appointed on the nomination of World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong)
Mr Barrie Cook (appointed on the nomination of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce)

Standing subcommittee members also include the Principal Assistant Secretary for the Environment and Food.

# Mrs. Ng Fong Siu-mei replaced Mr. Plato Yip from 1 September 2001.

Figure 4D: Membership List of EIA Subcommitee, Advisory Council on the Environment.

Site Visits

The ACE has organised a number of site visits to obtain a better understanding of the matters being discussed or the operation of environmental facilities concerned with specific projects. In relation to the EIA Ordinance, the ACE-EIA Subcommittee has made site visits to the following locations:

China Light & Power Co. Ltd. Castle Peak and Black Point Power Stations on 19 May 1998;
The New Hong Kong International Airport on 4 June 1998;
Sha Chau Temporary Aviation Fuel Receiving Facilities on 23 September 1998;
Mai Po and Tsim Bei Tsui on 30 January 1999;
Water Treatment Plant in Shatin on 17 April 1999;
Tung Chung Road on 20 June 1999;
KCRC West Rail work sites on 19 October;
Chek Lap Kok Airport (joint visit with the Waste Reduction Committee) on 3 December 1999.
West Rail Public Transport Interchange on 20 February 2000
Sites along the proposed KCRC Sheung Shui to Lok Ma Chau Spur Line on 6 & 8 July 2000
Waste Incineration Plant on Cologne Island on Macau on 3 April 2001
Ngau Hom Shek for Shezhen Western Corridor and Deep Bay Link projects on 3 November 2001
River Channeling works in River Beas and River Indus in December 2001
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