Vision & Mission ( ENB / EPD )


Is of a Hong Kong

  • which enjoys an environment that is both healthy and pleasant;
  • in which the community places a premium on sustaining such an environment for both themselves and future generations, and pursues sustainable development; and
  • in which the community enjoys a reliable and safe energy supply at reasonable prices, while improving energy efficiency, promoting energy conservation and minimising the environmental impacts from the production and use of energy.


Is to contribute towards realising this vision by applying our professional knowledge and judgment and drawing on international experience

  • To formulate policies and plans on environmental protection, energy, nature conservation and the promotion of sustainable development.
  • To provide world-class physical infrastructure for the treatment and disposal of waste and wastewater.
  • To raise community awareness of and promote public support for issues related to environmental protection, energy, nature conservation and sustainable development.
  • To promote collaborative efforts through regional and international co-operation.
  • To implement environmental protection and energy related legislation and plans.
  • To administer robust environmental impact assessment in the planning of new development and major projects.
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