Construction activity which involves the carrying out of percussive piling

Construction noise permit for percussive piling

Percussive piling is banned from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. on weekdays and at all times on Sundays and public holidays, and is controlled at other times under a construction noise permit system which confines operations to specific hours.

How to apply:

Application for a Construction Noise Permit should be made in specific form (Form 2) [EPD75(S)]prescribed under the Noise Control Ordinance and accompanied by :

i) 1 copy of the site plan(s) showing the piling zone or the actual pile locations AND the noise sensitive receivers;

ii) 1 copy of the Business Registration Certificate (applicable if the applicant is a company) or the Hong Kong Identity Card (applicable if the applicant is an individual) of the applicant;

iii) a prescribed application fee. Payment by crossed cheque should be made payable to "The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region"; and

iv) other necessary documents depending on individual application. Applicants could refer to the relevant checklists and guidances contained in the EPD’s webpage “How to complete and submit Construction Noise Permit (CNP) application forms”.

Applications should be submitted at least 28 days in advance before commencement of work to any of the Customer Service Counters or via the on-line application. For other detailed information on the application of the Construction Noise Permit, please refer to the EPD's booklet "How to apply for a Construction Noise Permit?".


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