How to complete and submit Construction Noise Permit (CNP) application forms

How to complete and submit Construction Noise Permit application forms

It is a statutory requirement for the Authority to notify applicants of the outcome of the applications within 28 days after receipt of the applications. At the request of the trade practitioners, EPD aims to complete processing the applications within 14 days.

[Remarks: In general, only CNP applications of good quality meeting all criteria of relevant checklist(s) may be processed within 14 days. However, for complicated case necessitating assessments involving a few projects or insufficient information provided by the applicant, the processing time would take longer or leading to the refusal of issuing a CNP.]

To facilitate shorter processing time, applications should meet all criteria of the relevant checklist(s) below:


  a. General Construction Works
i. Building work, site formation, etc. (checklist01)
ii. Road work with unavoidable constraints on working hours (checklist02)
iii. Application requiring special attention (blanket CNP, noise screening, quiet equipment, or equipment not in Technical Memoranda) (checklist03) (see note 3)
b. Percussive piling (checklist04)
Please refer to the guidance below when completing the application forms:
  a. General construction works (Form 1)
  b. Percussive piling (Form 2)
1. In general, CNP applications may be processed within 14 days if such applications meet all criteria of relevant checklist(s). However, if any criterion is not met, the Authority may refuse to issue a CNP.
2. A complicated percussive piling CNP application involving close liaison with Noise Sensitive Receivers may not be issued within 14 days even if all criteria of the checklist are met.
3. For application covered by checklist03, the applicant shall also refer to the other relevant checklist.
4. For building work, site formation, etc. with unavoidable constraint on working hours and further information, please contact the respective officer in EPD. Please click here for addresses and telephone numbers of the Regional Offices.
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