Industrial activity which involves marine dumping of dredged mud

Industrial activity which involves marine dumping of dredged mud

Dredged mud may be dumped at sea subject to permit controls under the Dumping at Sea Ordinance. Anyone who intends to dump dredged mud must first obtain a permit from the Director of Environmental Protection. Spoil grounds have been designed for the disposal of dredged mud. All marine dumping activities must be carried out at these specified areas in accordance with the marine dumping permit.

How to apply :

Dumping at Sea Ordinance, Guidance Note No. 1/2024 is relevant to the "implementation of the 1996 Protocol to the Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and other Matter, 1972". Applicants should note that the considerations set out in this Guidance Note shall apply to all applications submitted for a permit required under the Dumping at Sea Ordinance.

Applicant should also note that proponents of projects involving marine disposal of dredged mud should have fulfilled the requirements stipulated in "Paragraph 4.2.1 (Management of Dredged/Excavated Sediment) in Chapter 4 of the latest edition of Project Administration Handbook (PAH) for Civil Engineering Works" or "Administrative Guidance - Management Framework for Disposal of Dredged/Excavated Sediment" regarding dredged sediments testing and allocation of dumping capacity before they submit their applications. This will avoid unnecessary delays to processing their applications.

Application for the permit should be made in a standard application form EPD 114a "Application For A Permit To Dump Material At Sea Under The Dumping At Sea Ordinance". The application should be accompanied by the prescribed application fee. Separate applications should be made if a single project involves sediment requiring different types of disposal option. The application form together with any relevant document can be submitted to any of the Customer Service Counters of EPD. Payment by crossed cheque should be made payable to "The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region". The applicant may also be required to submit further details such as drawings, method of dumping and confirmation letters to substantiate his application and the information he gives.

For dumping outside Hong Kong, the applicant should in addition complete the standard application form EPD 114a-1 "Application for A Permit To Dump Material At Sea Under The Dumping At Sea Ordinance (loading of substances for dumping outside Hong Kong waters, and/or dumping the substances from a Hong Kong vessel)".


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