Advisory Council on the Environment

Notice and Agenda for the 94th Meeting of the Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE)

Date : 26 March 2002
Agenda: 1.   Confirmation of minutes of the 93rd meeting held on 26 February 2002
  2.   Matters arising
  3.   Report of the 68th and 69th meetings of the Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee
(ACE Paper 10/2002)
  4.   Opening up of ACE meetings to the public
(ACE Paper 6/2002) - deferred
  5.   Inviting expressions of interest in providing integrated waste treatment facility(ies)
(ACE Paper 8/2002)
  6.   Study on Planning for Pedestrians
(ACE Paper 11/2002)
  7.   Clinical Waste Control Scheme
(ACE Paper 12/2002) - deferred
  8.   Any Other Business
  9.   Date of Next Meeting

[Note : ACE meetings are not opened to the public.]


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