Advisory Council on the Environment

Study on Planning for Pedestrians First Stage Public Consultation

(ACE Paper 11/2002)
For discussion

1. Purpose

1.1 This paper invites Members' comments on the framework, principles and concepts for pedestrian planning as recommended under the Study on Planning for Pedestrians.

2. Background

2.1 Planning Department is conducting a Study on Planning for Pedestrians, aiming at formulating practical guidance on how to achieve better pedestrian environments in Hong Kong. The Study is divided into two stages, viz :

  • Stage 1 covers a review of international experience on pedestrian planning, the identification of key problem areas in Hong Kong and the formulation of a framework, principles and concepts for pedestrian planning; and
  • Stage 2 will apply the framework, principles and concepts in 5 Action Areas and recommend the appropriate implementation and institutional mechanisms.

2.2 Members were consulted on 27 March 2000 on the proposed scope of the Study prior to the finalisation of the Study Brief.

3. First Stage Consultation

3.1 The Consultants have completed the first stage of the Study and proposed a broad planning framework setting out the principles, concepts, guidelines and standards for pedestrian planning. Before proceeding to the second stage, we wish to obtain public views on these proposals.

3.2 The annexed Consultation Digest summarises the broad pedestrian planning framework and Members' views are invited.

4. Attachment

Annex : Consultation Digest

Planning Department
March 2002




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