Advisory Council on the Environment

Papers Discussed by ACE in 2002

92nd Meeting on 21 January 2002

1. Air Pollution Control Ordinance (Cap.311) Retrofitting Pre-Euro Vehicles with Particulate Traps or Catalysts

2. Hong Kong 2030: Planning Vision and Strategy Stage Two Public Consultation - Key Planning Issues and Evaluation Criteria
(without Annex)

93rd Meeting on 26 February 2002

5. Report of the 66th and 67th Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee Meetings

7. Long Term Management of Low-Level Radioactive Waste

94th Meeting on 26 March 2002

8. Inviting Expressions of Interest in Providing Integrated Waste Treatment Facility(ies)

10. Report of the 68th and 69th Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee Meetings

11. Study on Planning for Pedestrians - First Stage Public Consultation

95th Meeting on 29 April 2002

6. Opening up of ACE Meetings to the Public

12. Proposed Clinical Waste Control Scheme (without Annex A & D)

13. Ecological Surveys and Database

15. Improving Air Quality in Pearl River Delta Region (without Annex)

96th Meeting on 21 May 2002

17. Waste Disposal Ordinance (Chapter 354) Amendments to Waste Disposal (Refuse Transfer Station) Regulation and Waste Disposal (Designated Waste Disposal Facility) Regulation (without Annex)

18. Speeding up of Public Works Projects - Proposed Legislative Amendments - foreshore and Sea-bed and Roads (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2002

19. The Green Label Scheme (see www.greencouncil.org for pamphlets)

97th Meeting on 17 June 2002

14. 2001 Implementation Report of the Waste Reduction Framework Plan MSWORD

22. Report on the 70th and 71st EIA Subcommittee Meetings

23. Environmental and Engineering Feasibility Study for the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme - Proposed Water Quality Criteria (without Appendices)

24. Chemical Waste Treatment Centre - Environmental Monitoring MSWORD

98th Meeting on 29 July 2002

25. Report on the 72nd EIA Subcommittee Meeting

26. Landscape Value Mapping of Hong Kong - First Stage Consultation

99th Meeting on 27 August 2002

28. Report on the 73rd EIA Subcommittee Meeting

100th Meeting on 21 october 2002

29. Report on 74th meeting of the Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee

101st Meeting on 05 December 2002

30. Report on the 75th Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee Meeting

31. 2nd Progress Report on Trials and Studies for the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme

32. Progress Report of the Interdepartmental Working Group on Flytipping Control (November 2002)

33. Green Purchasing of General Commodities by the HKSAR Government


Circulation Papers

3. Beach Water Quality in Hong Kong in 2001 (without figures)

4. Status Report on Sand Dredging and Mud Disposal in Hong Kong

9. Progress of Trials and Studies on the Way Forward for the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme

16. Public Consultation on Studies on Restructuring of Ngau Tau Kok, Ho Man Tin, Shek Kip Mei and Cheung Sha Wan Districts (without Annexes)

20. Interim Report on River and Marine Water Quality in Hong Kong in 2001

21. Light Buses using cleaner fuel

27. Status Report on Sand Dredging and Mud Disposal in Hong Kong (without attachment)


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