Advisory Council on the Environment

Landscape Value Mapping of Hong Kong

(ACE Paper 26/2002)
For discussion

First Stage Consultation

1. Purpose

1.1 This paper invites Members' comments on the initial findings of the Landscape Value Mapping of Hong Kong on preliminary landscape categories, classification criteria and evaluation framework.

2. Background

2.1 Planning Department is conducting a study on Landscape Value Mapping of Hong Kong to establish the territorial baseline conditions of the landscape resources in Hong Kong. The study output will provide a systematic reference framework to facilitate landscape assessment and broad environmental assessment of major projects at territorial level. The Committee was consulted by circulation in August 2000 on the proposed scope of the study.

2.2 The study is undertaken in the following four phases:

     Phase 1: Review of relevant local and overseas experience on mapping landscape resources to derive an appropriate approach for the study;
  Phase 2: Develop an initial classification system of landscape categories and establish the initial criteria to evaluate and map the landscape resources of Hong Kong;
  Phase 3: Conduct a baseline study, which includes both desktop research and field survey to gather relevant information on baseline conditions of the urban and rural landscape; and
  Phase 4: Analyse data obtained and refine the landscape classification and evaluative criteria with a view to producing a digitised landscape map on a computer-based geographical information system and a representative landscape indicator for future monitoring of baseline changes.

3. First Stage Consultation

3.1 The Consultants have completed Phases 1 and 2 of the study and proposed a preliminary classification system of landscape categories applicable to Hong Kong and an initial landscape evaluation framework. Before proceeding to the next phase, we wish to obtain Members' views on these proposals.

3.2 The annexed Consultation Digest summarizes the proposals and Members' views are invited.

4. Attachment

Annex : Consultation Digest

Planning Department
July 2002



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