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Paper Discussed by ACE in 2008

148th ACE Meeting on 14 January 2008

1 Report on the 100th Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee MeetingPDF  
2 Mandating the Use of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel in Industrial and Commercial Processes PDF
3 Promotion of Cleaner Production in the Pearl River Delta Region PDF

149th ACE Meeting on 14 February 2008

5 Mandatory Implementation of the Building Energy CodesPDF  

Proposed Additional "Designated Areas" under the Noise Control Ordinance (Cap. 400) PDF
Annex(Hong Kong Island and Lamma Island)PDFAnnex(Continued)PDF

7 Report of the 101st Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee meeting PDF

150th ACE Meeting on 10 March 2008

 9 Update on the Progress of the Key Initiatives in the "Policy Framework for the Management of Municipal Solid Waste (2005-2014)" PDF
10 Revision of Fees and Charges under Noise Control Ordinance (Cap. 400) and Merchant Shipping (Prevention and Control of Pollution) (Charges for Discharge of Polluting Waste) Regulation (Cap. 413I)PDF
151st ACE Meeting on 14 April 2008
13 Total Water Management Strategy in Hong Kong PDF
14 Report of the Nature Conservation Subcommittee :
"New Nature Conservation Policy - Pilot Scheme for Public-private Partnership"
15 Report on the 102nd Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee MeetingPDF
152nd ACE Meeting on 16 May 2008
16 Bacteriological Water Quality Objective for Bathing Beach Waters in Hong KongPDF
17 Draft Guidelines to Account for and Report on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals for Buildings of Commercial, Residential or Institutional Purpose in Hong KongPDF Draft GuidelinesPDF
153rd ACE Meeting on 18 June 2008
18 Study on Land Use Planning for the Closed Area - Draft Concept PlanPDF AnnexPDF
19 Report on the 103rd Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee MeetingPDF
154th ACE Meeting on 14 July 2008
20 Brand Hong Kong ReviewPDF
21 Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS): Planning Parameters for the Commencement of the Design and Construction of HATS Stage 2BPDF
155th ACE Meeting on 8 October 2008
23 Public Awareness and Education on Environmental EducationPDF
24 Report on the 104th Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee MeetingPDF
25 Report on the 105th Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee MeetingPDF
156th ACE Meeting on 10 November 2008
27 Environmental Impact Assessment report on "Development of a bathing beach at Lung Mei, Tai Po" - Additional information on ecological surveys 
Figures to Annex F B1PDF      B2PDF     B3PDF     B4PDF     B5PDF     B6aPDF     6BPDF     B7PDF 
C1PDF     C2PDF     C3PDF     C4PDF
28 Enhancing the control of ozone depleting substancesPDF
29 A proposal to control the contents of volatile organic compounds in vehicle refinishing  paints, marine vessel paints, pleasure craft paints, adhesives and sealantsPDF
157th ACE Meeting on 15 December 2008
30 Control of Ship-sourced Pollution within Hong Kong Waters PDF
31 Implementation Details of the Environmental Levy Scheme on Plastic Shopping Bags under the Proposed Product Eco-responsibility (Plastic Shopping Bags) Regulation PDF
32 Report on the 106th Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee Meeting PDF
Circulation Papers                           
4 Mandatory provision of refuse storage and material recovery room on every floor of new domestic buildings and the domestic part of new composite buildingsPDF  
8 Enhanced Operation of the Environment and Conservation FundPDF
11 Beach Water Quality of Hong Kong in 2007PDF
12 Environment-friendly Commercial VehiclesPDF
22 Report of the Nature Conservation Subcommittee:
Nature Conservation in the Deep Bay Area
26 River and Marine Water Quality in Hong Kong in 2007PDF


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