Advisory Council on the Environment

Summary of Works of ACE from 1 January 1998 to 31 December 1998

(ACE Paper 7/99)
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This paper summarises the activities of this Council in the year 1998.


2. The ACE is government's principal advisory body on matters related to pollution control and sustainability of the environment. It is consulted on a wide range of issues relating to new legislative proposals and the implementation of existing pollution control and conservation measures. Major policy initiatives are also referred to ACE for advice before they are adopted by the Government.

Summary of the Activities of the Council

3. In 1998, the Council held twelve regular meetings, a brainstorming session in May on the SUSDEV21 and a special meeting in October to discuss the selection of options of the treatment level and outfall location of the Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme Stage II.

4. The Council also organised six visits to obtain a better understanding of the matters being discussed or the operation of environmental facilities which they were concerned about. A courtesy call on the Legislative Council Panel on the Environmental Affairs was made on 11 December 1998. A list of these visits is at Annex A.

5. During the period, the Council considered 20 discussion papers and noted 36 information papers. A full list of these papers, which includes a breakdown of the discussion into new legislative proposals, implementation of existing pollution control and conservation measures, and major policy initiatives, and the outcome of the Council's discussions, is at Annex B.

6. Apart from that, the Council also considered 15 EIA reports, all of which were vetted by the EIA Sub-committee first. A list of the EIA Reports is at Annex C.


7. During its current term of office, the Council held 13 meetings and a brainstorming session and was consulted on a large number of issues on a wide range of subject matters.

8. Under the leadership of the Chairman and with the support of all Members, the Council has been able to give valuable and sound advice to the various environmental programmes and legislative proposals which ensure that they are effective and appropriate to the situation in Hong Kong.

Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
January 1999


Annex A


Visits Organised by ACE
from 1 January 1998 to 31 December 1998
Date Events
6 March 1998 Visit to the Hong Kong Productivity Council and the Centre of Environmental Technology
2 - 4 April 1998 Visit to Singapore's environmental facilities
19 May 1998 Visit to the China Light & Power Co. Ltd.'s Castle Peak and Black Point Power Stations
4 June 1998 Visit to the New Airport
13 July 1998 Visit to the Hong Kong Observatory
23 September 1998 Visit to the Sha Chau's Temporary Aviation Fuel Receiving Facilities








Annex B

Advisory Council on the Environment
Papers Considered - January to December 1998

Discussion Papers

New Legislative Proposals


Paper No. Title and Remarks
6/98 Air Pollution Control (Vehicle Design Standards) (Emission) (Amendment) Regulation 1998[Members endorsed the proposed amendment to the Regulation.]
10/98 Proposed Amendment to the Waste Disposal (Designated Waste Disposal Facility) Regulation[Members endorsed the proposed amendment to the Regulation.]
24/98 Water Pollution Control (Sewerage) (Amendment) Regulation 1998[Members endorsed the proposed amendment to the Regulation.]
51/98 Proposed Air Pollution Control (Petrol Filling Station) (Vapour Recovery) Regulation[Members endorsed the proposed Regulation.]

Implementation of Existing Pollution Control and Conservation Measures

Paper No. Title and Remarks
17/98 Treatment Levels for Discharges of Sewage to the North Western Water Control Zone[Members endorsed the Administration's recommendations regarding the sewage treatment levels to be adopted at Siu Ho Wan Sewage Treatment Plant and North West New Territories trunk sewer and Pillar Point.]
26/98 Opening of the North Lantau Transfer Station (NLTS)[Members noted the opening of the NLTS and the proposed amendment to the Waste Disposal (Refuse Transfer Station) Regulation.]

Major Policy Initiative

Paper No. Title and Remarks
8/98 Implementation of Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance[Members endorsed the proposed commencement arrangements and procedures for consultation with ACE.]
19/98 Study on Sustainable Development for the 21 Century Information and Consultation Materials[Brainstorming Session held on 9 May 1998.]
37/98 Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme Environmental Impact Assessment Study[Members were briefed on the outcome of the first phase of the SSDS EIA study. The Council advised that sewage should go through CEPT plus disinfection and then discharged at S. E. Lamma. However, if the longer outfall could not be adopted for some reasons, the fallback option would be to discharge the treated sewage at E. or W. Lamma.]
41/98 Study of Air Quality in the Pearl River Delta Region[The study was jointly conducted by Hong Kong and Guangdong. The paper was circulated to Members. Not discussed at meeting.]
45/98 Control of Indoor Air Pollution[Members noted the findings and endorsed the recommendations of the study on control of indoor air pollution.]
46/98 Introducing Liquefied Petroleum Gas Taxis on a Large Scale[Members supported the LPG Scheme.]
52/98 Waste Reduction Framework Plan 1998-2007 - Waste Reduction Committee[Members noted the Plan.]


Paper No. Title and Remarks
3/98 Trade Effluent Surcharge Review[Members noted the recommendations of the consultants, the proposed way forward and made various comments.]
7/98 Report of the 34th and 35th EIA Subcommittee Meetings - January and February[Items 1, 5,6,7,8 & 9 in Annex C endorsed.]
12/98 Report of the 36th Meeting of the EIA Subcommittee - March[Items 2,10,11& 12 in Annex C endorsed.]
28/98 Report of the 37th Meeting of the EIA Subcommittee - June[Item 13 in Annex C endorsed.]
32/98 Report of the 38th Meeting of the EIA Subcommittee - July[Item 3 in Annex C endorsed.]
35/98 Report of the EIA Subcommittee - August[Item 4 in Annex C endorsed.]
38/98 Report of the 39th EIA Subcommittee - September[Item 14 in Annex C endorsed.]
42/98 Report of the EIA Subcommittee for October 1998[Item 15 in Annex C endorsed.]

Information Papers

Paper No. Title and Remarks
1/98 Waste Management Strategy for Hong Kong [Members noted the paper and looked forward to seeing a comprehensive and sound waste management strategy for Hong Kong.]
2/98 Fourth Review of the 1989 White Paper on the Environment[Members noted the progress report on the 4th White Paper Review.]
4/98 Contaminated Mud Disposal at East Sha Chau - Interim Report VII[Members noted the paper. Not discussed at meeting.]
5/98 Environmental and Conservation Fees and Charges[Members noted the paper. Not discussed at meeting.]
9/98 Cyanide Fishing and Live Reef Fish Trade in Hong Kong[Members urged the Administration to take effective actions to control destructive fishing.]
11/98 The 8th Meeting of the Hong Kong-Guangdong Environmental Protection Liaison Group[Members noted the major achievements of the 8th EPLG meeting.]
13/98 Beach Water Quality in Hong Kong for 1997[Members noted the paper.]
14/98 Review of the Public Filling Strategy and Programme[Members noted the paper and urged the Administration to step up enforcement against illegal dumping and take remedial actions once illegal dumping activities had been spotted.]
15/98 Study on Sustainable Development in Hong Kong for the 21st Century[Members noted the progress of the SUSDEV21 Study.]
16/98 Electricity : Demand Side Management[Members noted the paper and advised the government to adopt a flexible approach and learn from the local and overseas experience in the process.]
18/98 Quality of Dongjiang Water [Members noted the paper.]
20/98 Transport Infrastructure Development[Members noted the Administration's efforts in integrating environmental considerations into their strategic planning process for new road and rail projects.]
21/98 Information Paper on Red Tide[Members noted and commented on the actions taken by the Administration in addressing environmental and health concerns arising from the occurrence of red tides.]
22/98 A Biodiversity Survey of Hong Kong[Members noted the survey and requested for another briefing when the findings are available.]
23/98 The Green Manager Scheme[Members noted the progress made in implementing the scheme.]
25/98 The Imposition of a Statutory Time Limit to the Water Pollution Control (Sewerage) Regulation for Resolving Objections[Members noted the paper.]
27/98 Air Pollution Index[Members noted the paper. Not discussed at meeting.]
29/98 Third Comprehensive Transport Study (CTS-3) Consultation Paper[Members were briefed on the major initiatives which the CTS-3 had examined.]
30/98 New Airport Master Plan - EIA Update June 1998[Members were briefed on the updated findings and conclusions on all environmentally significant modifications to the New Airport Master Plan.]
31/98 Interim Report on River and Marine Water Quality in Hong Kong in 1997[Members noted the paper. Not discussed at meeting.]
33/98 Recommendations of the APEC Workshop on the Impact of Destructive Fishing Practices on the Marine Environment[Members were briefed on the recommendations developed at the Workshop which were further considered at APEC's Marine Resources Conservation Workshop Group meeting.]
34/98 Illegal Dumping of Waste[Members noted the current position regarding the problem of illegal dumping of wastes, the results of their stepped up enforcement and the way forward.]
36/98 The Problem of Illicit Use of Diesel Oil[Members noted the government's efforts in combating the illicit use of diesel oil and requested C&ED to update them on the latest situation in one year's time.]
39/98 Review on the Ecological Value of Agricultural Land[Members expressed concern about the gradual loss of agricultural land and urged the Administration to continue to identify areas which would need to be preserved.]
40/98 Progress of Investigations into the Location of Permanent Aviation Fuel Receiving Facilities for the New Airport[Members were briefed on the current position regarding the search for a suitable site for the permanent aviation fuel receiving facilities for the new airport and requested AA to report progress in March 1999.]
43/98 Report on Waste Recovery and Segregation in Public Housing Estates[Members were briefed on measures taken by the Housing Authority in respect of waste recovery and segregation in public housing estates and would visit an Automatic Refuse Collection system plant in at a housing estate January 1999.]
44/98 Situation Report on Aircraft Noise[Members were concerned about the increasing number of complaints from the residents at various areas and requested CAD to report the situation in mid-1999.]
47/98 Environmental Performance of Daya Bay[Members noted the paper.]
48/98 Energy Policy from an Environmental Perspective[Members noted the paper and requested the Secretariat to invite the two power companies to present their DSM Plans once available.]
49/98 Study on the Ecological Value of Fish Ponds in Deep Bay Area (Confidential)[Members noted the findings and recommendations of the study.]
50/98 Consultation Document of the Consultancy Study on Fisheries Resources and Fishing Operations in Hong Kong Waters[Members noted the findings and the recommendations of the study commissioned by AFD and requested the Administration to brief them on the management strategy by October 1999.]
53/98 Land Decontamination Policy[Members noted the existing regulations and practice on the control of land decontamination and urged the Administration to consider formulating a land decontamination law to clarify the responsibility/liability issue.]
54/98 Green Consumerism : Eco-labelling Scheme for Hong Kong - Progress Report[Members noted the efforts the government had made in monitoring the development of eco-labelling schemes in other countries and pursuing green purchasing practices in-house.]
55/98 Deep Bay Water Quality : Regional Control Strategy Study [Members noted the findings and recommendations of the Study and urged the Administration to expedite to formulation of the management strategy.]
56/98 Waste Paper Recycling[Members noted the fundamental problem to the sustainability of the recycling industry in Hong Kong was charging for landfills.]










Annex C


EIA Reports considered by ACE & EIA Subcommittee in 1998 January to December 1998


Item Endorsed with Conditions  
1 ACE EIA Paper 7/98 Environmental Impact Assessment on Route 16 from West Kowloon to Shatin
2 ACE EIA Paper 10/98 West Rail - Phase I West Kowloon to Tuen Mun Centre Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study
3 ACE EIA Paper 15/98 Feasibility Study for Pak Shek Kok Development Area Environmental Impact Assessment
4 ACE EIA Paper 16/98 EIA Report on "Kai Tak Airport North Apron Decommissioning"



Item Endorsed without Conditions  
5 ACE EIA Paper 1/98 Fanling Sheung Shui Development Formation and Servicing, Area 36, Fanling Environmental Impact Assessment
6 ACE EIA Paper 2/98 MTR Tseung Kwan O Extension (TKE) Phase II EIA Study
7 ACE EIA Paper 4/98 Environmental Impact Assessment Study for Demolition of Tsing Yi Power Station - Non-Blasting Option
8 ACE EIA Paper 5/98 Environmental Impact Assessment on HEC's Proposed New 1980 MW Power Station
9 ACE EIA Paper 6/98 Supplementary EIA for River Trade Terminal (RTT) Proposed Sand Borrow - Brother's Marine Borrow Area
10 ACE EIA Paper 11/98 Environmental Impact Assessment of the Trunk Road T7 in Ma On Shan
11 ACE EIA Paper 12/98 Environmental Impact Assessment for Investigation of Improvements to Island Eastern Corridor Section between North Point Interchange and Sai Wan Ho
12 ACE EIA Paper 13/98 Environmental Impact Assessment for Backfilling Marine Borrow Areas at East Tung Lung Chau
13 ACE EIA Paper 14/98 Main Drainage Channel for Fanling, Sheung Shui and Hinterland Supplementary Paper on Ecological Mitigation Utilising Abandoned Meanders
14 ACE EIA Paper 17/98 EIA Report on "Yuen Long Bypass Floodway (YLBF) Feasibility Study"
15 ACE EIA Paper 18/98 EIA Report on "Tsuen Wan Bay Further Reclamation, Area 35 - Engineering, Planning and Environmental Investigation"


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