Advisory Council on the Environment

Papers Discussed by ACE in 1999

59th Meeting on 26 January 1999

1. Report of the EIA Subcommittee for January 1999

2. Proposed Amendments to Air Pollution Control (Motor Vehicle Fuel) Regulation 1999 (Cap. 311, sub. leg.)

3. Environmental Education (EE) in Hong Kong

4. Ways to Reduce Water Consumption

5. Quarterly Report on Progress of SSDS Stage I Works (as at early January 1999)

60th Meeting on 2 March 1999

(Under HK$ 1.5 million from the Environment & Conservation Fund)

10. Amendment to the Waste Disposal Ordinance

61st Meeting on 30 March 1999

11. Report of EIA Subcommittee

12. Beach Water Quality 1998

13. Half Yearly Progress Report of the Interdepartmental Working Group on Flytipping Control

62nd Meeting on 31 May 1999

17. Report of the 43rd Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee Meeting

18. Information on Provisional Urban Council's Greening Policy and Green Hong Kong Campaign

19. Impact of Y2K Problem on Water Supply System

20. The Green Manager Scheme and Controlling Officer's Environmental Report

63rd Meeting on 28 June 1999

21. Report of the 44th Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee Meeting

22. Restructuring Hong Kong's Power Sector and Maintaining Environmental Priorities

23. Declaration of North Western Supplementary Water Control Zone and Second South Supplementary Water Control Zone

24. Actions to Improve Hong Kong Air Quality

64th Meeting on 19 July 1999

25. Report of the 45th Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee Meeting

26. Vision and Goals for Victoria Harbour

27. LPG Taxi Scheme

28. Bioengineering and Landscaping to Slopes in the HKSAR Government's Landslip Prevention Measures Programmes

29. Information on Provisional Regional Council's Greening Policy and Programmes

65th Meeting on 30 August 1999

34. Progress Report on Illicit Use of Diesel Oil

35. Consultation Document on the Artificial Reef
Deployment Study

66th Meeting on 27 September 1999

36. Report of the 46th Environmental Impact
Assessment Subcommittee Meeting

37. South West New Territories Development Strategy
Review - Draft Recommended Strategy
(Consultation Digest not attached)

38. Study on Inner Harbour Waves and Their Reduction
- Findings and Recommendations

39. Gazetting of Penny's Bay Reclamation

40. Dumping at Sea (Amendment) Bill
(Annex available upon request)

67th Meeting on 15 October 1999

41. Biodiversity Survey of Hong Kong

42. Briefing on the Third Comprehensive Transport Study and New Transport Strategy

68th Meeting on 29 November 1999

44. The Report of the 48th EIA Subcommittee Meeting

45. Amendments to the Noise Control Ordinance

46. Managing Indoor Air Quality in Hong Kong - Public Consultation

47. Amendments to the Trade Effluent Surcharge Scheme

48. Sustainable Development in Hong Kong for the 21st Century - Second Stage Public Consultation

49. Public Consultation on the Urban Renewal Authority Bill

69th Meeting on 20 December 1999

51. Report of the 50th EIA Subcommittee Meeting

52. Sludge Treatment and Disposal Strategy Study

53. Strategies to Improve Vehicle Maintenance and Reduce Smoky Vehicles

54. Air Pollution Control (Motor Vehicle Fuel) Regulation - Reducing the Benzene Content in Unleaded Petrol

Circulation Papers

6. Efforts to Ensure Y2K Compliance of Our Environmental Management Information System MSWORD

7. Summary of Work of ACE from January 1998 to 31 December 1998

8. Hong Kong-Guangdong Environmental Protection Liaison Group Summary of Work in 1998

14. Report of the 42nd Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee Meeting

15. Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme - Stage I Information Note on the Progress of the Tunnelling Works (as at end March 1999)

16. Proposed Air Pollution Control (Vehicle Design Standards (Emission) (Amendment) Regulation 1999 (Cap. 311, sub. leg. J)

31. Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme Stage I - Information Note on the Progress of the Tunnelling Works (as at end June 1999)

32. Interim Report on River and Marine Water Quality in Hong Kong in 1998 (Figures available upon request)

33. Report of the Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee for August 1999

43. The Report of the 47th EIA Subcommittee Meeting 50. Report of the 49th EIA Subcommittee Meeting


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