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Information on Provisional Regional Council's Greening Policy and Programmes


(ACE Paper 29/99)
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This paper explains the Provisional Regional Council's (the Council) greening policy and programmes.


2.The Council through its executive arm, the Regional Services Department, is responsible for providing and managing public open spaces including parks, playgrounds, gardens, sitting-out areas and recreational facilities on land allocated to it for public use. It also maintains amenity areas such as roadside plots and other small landscaped or planted areas developed by the Highways Department to serve the general public and to enhance the environment.

3.In 1998, the Council established an Ad Hoc Committee on Green Matters to review the Council's current greening efforts, and to advise on its development plans and resources required for implementation.


4.Greening and landscaping play an important role in preserving our environment and in improving its visual impact. Our policy on greening can be summarized in the following 2-prong approach:

(a) To maintain and enhance existing planting and landscaped areas and to provide more public open spaces
Its goal is to ensure the existing planting areas are properly maintained and, resource permitting, to enhance and beautify them. It also seeks more sites to provide new open spaces and landscaped areas through the Council's Capital Works Programme. (b) To create greater public awareness for greening
The cornerstone of the Council's policy is to foster greater public awareness for greening our environment. The Council organizes activities such as community tree planting days, flower shows, horticultural courses, thematic displays and exhibitions to arouse public's interest in keeping our environment green.


5.To realize its goals and policy objectives, the following greening programmes are implemented by the Council:

(a) Landscape Improvement Programme
The Council currently manages 590 parks, gardens and playgrounds with a total area of 368 hectares. It also maintains 1,062 roadside amenity areas with a total area of 504 hectares. Since its establishment in 1985, the Council is fully committed to continuing its greening efforts with commendable results. A landscape improvement programme, which started last year, aims at expanding its efforts from greening to beautification with the planting of more flowering trees and shrubs.
(b)Preservation of Trees
Preservation of trees is a key aspect of the Council's greening work. The Council recognizes the importance of tree planting and tree maintenance in keeping our environment green. Arboricultural maintenance is carried out by the district tree gangs in 9 Provisional Regional Council districts to ensure that trees under its jurisdiction are kept in good health.
(c)Capital Works Programme
The Programme is prepared annually. It covers the Council's Capital Works Projects in the coming 5 years. Its goal is to seek more sites to expand its greening initiative to beautification with the planting of more flowering trees and colourful shrubs.
(d) Community Programme
This programme consists of:
  (i) Community Tree Planting Days
  Tree planting days are organized annually which involve neighbourhood residents, school children, family members and local dignitaries in planting of trees. The programme aims at spreading the message of greening our neighbourhood through public participation in tree planting.
  (ii) Millennium Tree Planting Programme
  The Millennium Tree Planting Programme is organized jointly with the Provisional Urban Council (PUC) in 1999/2000 in which 2,000 trees will be planted in parks, gardens and roadside amenity areas. This programme aims to commemorate the year 2000 through tree planting activities.
  (iii) Flower Shows and Horticultural Display
  The Hong Kong Flower Show, theme flower shows and the Green Project Award Scheme are organized jointly with the PUC and/or other local horticultural associations to encourage greater green consciousness amongst the public as well as the professionals.
  (iv) Nursery Open Days
  Guided tours are organized for members of the public to visit the Council's nurseries in Tuen Mun, Tsuen Wan, Tai Po and Sha Tin. This programme helps to promote interest in the love and care of plants.
  (v) Horticultural Courses
  Horticultural courses, seminars and demonstrations are organized in various districts. This programme aims at disseminating green knowledge and skill amongst family members to promote interest in cultivating house plants at homes.


6.The planting statistics of the last six years and the target figures of 1999/2000 are at Annex.


7.The Council is fully committed to continuing its greening efforts and enlisting the support of the community. The Council realizes its role not only in keeping Hong Kong green but also in expanding its new initiative to make Hong Kong more attractive through generous planting of flowering trees and shrubs in order to add more colours to the environment.

Regional Services Department
July 1999



Statistics on Planting by PRC/RSD
1993/94 - 1998/99

The planting statistics of the last six years and the target figures of 1999/2000 are shown below:


Year Trees Shrubs Seasonal
93/94 4,351 162,241 155,570 322,162
94/95 4,578 181,147 152,023 337,748
95/96 5,863 197,560 132,249 335,672
96/97 6,591 169,860 145,168 321,619
97/98 2,576 261,600 279,084 543,260
98/99 2,666 254,820 274,124 531,610
3,000 260,000 275,000 538,000
Total 29,625 1,487,228 1,413,218 2,930,071

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