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Since the establishment of EPD in 1986, main pieces of legislation to tackle air, noise, wastes and waste water came into operation. This legislative approach is to put the onus on polluters, that is, by imposing fees and fines under the environmental law, which underscores polluters’ obligation to redress the damage. However, fines or punishment alone cannot cure the pollution problem effectively.

Compliance facilitation initiatives are complementary to enforcement efforts and considered effective as they help the regulated party to return to compliance.

The Compliance Assistance Centre (CAC)

EPD set up the CAC in September 2006. The aim of setting up the CAC is to provide the public and business trades an easily accessible venue to obtain information on environmental compliance, pollution prevention and environmental management under one roof.

The CAC offers a wide range of services including:

(a) advice on environmental regulatory requirements and on how to tackle common pollution problems;

(b) offering updated compliance guides, green practices and environmental management tools.

Since some business trades may require more than one type of permit or licence, the CAC provides a "one-stop" service for permit or licence applications to facilitate our customers' needs.

The CAC also encourages the business trades to go beyond environment compliance by implementing ISO 14001 EMS, producing environmental performance reports, carrying out environmental audit and adopting green practices, which is a growing demand from the public as well as a global trend.

The advisory service provided at the CAC is free-of-charge.

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