Programmes & Events

Year Activity
1993 Started promotion of Green Manager Scheme
1994 Started promotion of Environmental Management System
1998 Started promotion of Environmental Performance Reporting
1999 Published guidebooks for Environmental Performance Reporting and Environmental Audits
2001 Seminar with HKGCC to launch the Guide for Corporate Environmental Performance Reporting
2002 Launched Benchmarking Tool for Environmental Performance Reports
2004 Launched Cyber Helpdesk for Environmental Performance Reporting
2005 Launched Support Packages on ISO 14001 EMS :
2006 Opened a Dedicated One-Stop Assistance Centre – the Compliance Assistance Centre (CAC).

Launched dedicate website for collection of environmental information from the Hong Kong Listed Companies.

Eco Expo Asia 2006 – EPD set up a booth on the CAC at the Trade Development Council's Eco-Expo Asia in October 2006 to promote more environmentally sustainable business practices.
2007 Eco Expo Asia 2007 – EPD participated in the event held in Oct 2007 organised by the Trade Development Council at the Eco Expo Asia, for promoting CAC services in this 4-day conference/exhibition with three main themes, namely Green World, Green Enterprise and Green Living.
2007/08 Participated in the "Be the Smart Regulator Programme" of the Efficiency Unit and received recognition of "Customer Friendliness"
2008 Eco Expo in Macao – Macao SAR Government invited the Environment Bureau to participate the Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition in April 2008. The main theme was to foster co-operation between Mainland China to create a technology exchange and transfer platform for environmental protection industries. CAC took that good opportunity to further promote CAC services to the business trades.
2009 Hong Kong Institute of Engineers / Chartered Institution of Water & Environmental Management – Technical Seminar on Compliance Assistance Centre (CAC) : EPD introduced at the seminar the set up of CAC as a proactive way to help business trades on environmental compliance. At the CAC, the business trades can obtain accurate, up-to-date and useful information on environmental compliance, pollution prevention and environmental management under one roof.
2011 Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (HKICS) - Technical Seminar on Corporate Environmental Management (CEM) : EPD shared at the seminar held in January 2011 the importance of corporate environmental governance and introduced the EPD's CEM tools to the target audiences.
2011 Sharing with Asian Environmental Compliance & Enforcement Network (AECEN) - A group of 4 delegates from Thailand, India and Philippines representing the AECEN visited CAC in May 2011.  AECEN’s mission is to promote improved compliance with legal environmental requirements in Asia through regional exchange of innovative policies and practices.  CAC and AECEN shared the experience in setting up CAC in Hong Kong, India, Thailand and the Philippines.


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