Environmental Performance Reporting

A Collection of Environmental Information from the Listed Companies (Main Board) in Hong Kong (as of Apr 2020)

This collection is based on an in-house desk-top study conducted in 2019 and comprises those companies who are willing to share their environmental / sustainability information with their stakeholders. If your company has published environmental information but not been included in the collection, or any other information needs updating, please inform us via e-mail at cac@epd.gov.hk. The collection is intended to be updated every year.

EPD accepts no responsibility or liability in respect of any error or omission in any information included in the collection.

* Full List (by Stock Code)

* Full List (by Alphabetical Order)

* Listing by Alphabetical Order :



* Listing by Hang Seng Industry Classification System :
[Within the webpage, please find "Products & Services" from manual bar, and then select "Hang Seng Industry Classification System".]


00 Energy 05 Materials
10 Industrials 20 Consumer Goods
30 Consumer Services 35 Telecommunications
40 Utilities 50 Financials
60 Properties and Construction 70 Information Technology
80 Conglomerates



Image of Government bureaux, departments & agencies
Image of Government-related organizations
Image of Private corporations
Image of Overseas directories of environmental reports


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