Study Reports

  Clean Air Plan (2013 - 2017 Progress Report)
  Identify Green Ferry Options that are Technically Feasible in Local Context - Summary Report
  PM2.5 Study for Air Quality Improvement in the Pearl River Delta Region - Summary Report
  Pilot Biomarker Study to Assess the Subclinical Health Impacts due to Exposures to Air Pollution
  Developing an Instrument for Assessing the Health and Economic Impacts of Air Pollution in Hong Kong
  Personal Exposure of Particulate Matter in Hong Kong

Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design of On-shore Power System for the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal – Summary Report


Study of VOC and Photochemical Ozone Pollution in the Pearl River Delta Region - Summary Report

  Study of Major Industrial Air Pollution Sources in the Pearl River Delta Region - Summary Report
  Marine Engine Tests on Laboratory Setting
  A Study of the Air Pollution Index Reporting System
  Study on Marine Vessels Emission Inventory
  Integrated Data Analysis and Characterization of Particulate Matter in Hong Kong
  Trial of Local Ferries Using Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel
  PM2.5 Speciation Study in Hong Kong
  A Study to Review Hong Kong's Air Quality Objectives
  Determination of Suspended Particulate & VOC Emission Profiles for Vehicular Sources in Hong Kong, 2005
  Study of Tracer Organic Species in Fine Particulates of Hong Kong, 2004
  Study of Visibility Reduction and its Causes in Hong Kong, 2003
  Assessment of Toxic Air Pollutant Measurements in Hong Kong, 2003
  Deactivation and Regeneration of Environmentally Exposed Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Based Products, 2003
  Ambient Air Treatment by Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Based Photocatalyst in Hong Kong, 2002
  Study of Acid Rain in Hong Kong, 2001
  A Report on the Performance and Emission Effect of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel On Double Deck (Euro I) Bus
  Feasibility Study of Retrofitting Low Cost Traps to in-use Light Duty Diesel Vehicles Below 4-tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight
  Report of the Alternative Fuel Light Bus Trial (English Translation of the Chinese Version)
  Short-term Health Effect Studies of Ambient Air Pollution
  Study of Air Quality in the Pearl River Delta Region (Agreement No. CE 106/98)
  Study of Economic Aspects of Ambient Air Pollution on Health Effects



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