Examples of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Hong Kong

Case 10 - Studies on Future Strategic Growth Areas - North Western New Territories and North Eastern New Territories 1999

Key Environmental Outcomes/ Influences

Develop New Towns with the following characteristics :

North Western New Territories

1. The new town will be rail-based with residential developments concentrating around railway stations within walking distance;
2. Pedestrianization around railway stations is encouraged; and
3. Roads and pedestrian traffic will be segregated by options of road design such as depressed roads.

North Eastern New Territories

1. Fanling Bypass will be running outside Long Valley to avoid ecological impacts; and
2. A major road comprising green public transport vehicle lane and pedestrian/ cycle track, will be running within the new town.


Type of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Environmental assessment of regional development plans.


Nature and Scope of the Proposal

Integrated planning and engineering feasibility studies to determine the development plans for theStrategic Growth Areas (SGAs) identified in the Territory Development Strategy Review.


Photo of Mai Po Marsh
Mai Po Marsh

Basis of SEA Requirement

A requirement to provide information on environmental implications when seeking fundings approval from the Legislative Council for carrying out government projects. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Ordinance requires EIA for engineering feasibility studies covering more than 20 ha or involving total population of more than 100,000.



Relationship with Decision Making

The findings of the environmental assessment form the basis of formulating the land use development plans for the SGAs. The assessment also ensures that the development could meet the various environmental standards required by the EIA Ordinance.


Photo of Fanling Bypass
Fanling Bypass

Alternatives or Options

Environmental considerations were taken into account in formulating and comparing the various development options and details for the SGAs.




Latest Status

The environmental assessments were completed. EIAs as required under the EIA Ordinance are on-going.


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