Examples of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Hong Kong

Case 8 - Third Comprehensive Transport Study 1999

Key Environmental Outcomes or Influences


1. Evaluated air, noise and ecological implications and recommended potential actions:
  - Integrated land-use and transport planning to reduce the need for travel.
  - More extensive rail network and promoting trunk and feeder services to
maximise rail usage.
  - Better co-ordination of different transport modes.
  - Pedestrianization and cycling.
  - The more drastic measures such as restraining the growth and usage of
  - Further tightening vehicle and emission controls.
  - Use environmentally friendly vehicles, such as those using LPG and
trolley buses.
  - Traffic management measures.
  - Freight transport by Rail.
  - Expand river trade terminal operation.
  - Consider alternatives at project stage and conduct EIAs.
2. Set out a Strategic Environmental Monitoring and Audit framework to check the environmental performance and ensure follow-up actions are taken.
Photo of According Priority to Railway
According Priority to Railway

Type of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Strategic level environmental assessment of potential transportation strategies in Hong Kong.


Nature and Scope of the Proposal

A study to develop a comprehensive territory-wide transportation strategy to meet the short to long term transport need of Hong Kong.


Photo of Environmental Quality is a Key Concern of the Study
Environmental Quality is a Key Concern of the Study

Basis of SEA Requirement

As part of the study to develop the transport strategy. A requirement to provide information on environmental implications in the submissions to the high level decision making body, the Executive Council, in Hong Kong. Downstream EIA requirements for individual projects arising from the strategy.


Relationship with Decision Making

The findings of the environmental assessment are essential input to the highest decision making body in deciding on the transport policy directions and developments required.





Alternatives or Options Evaluation

4 population/traffic growth scenarios with a range of rail, road, and traffic management strategic options considered. 99 main model runs with associated environmental component conducted for strategy development.


Latest Status and Potential Way Forward

The Study was substantially completed in October 1999. Project level EIAs would be conducted on major transportation projects to determine the details and ensure environmental acceptability at the project level.




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