Guidelines & References


A Concise Guide to the Noise Control Ordinance pdf

Technical Memorandum on Noise from Construction Work in Designated Areas
[Designated Areas under the Noise Control Ordinance]
[Note: The DA plans are on sale at the Map Publications Centres and District Survey Offices of the Lands Department (addresses and office hours available at]

Technical Memorandum on Noise from Construction Work Other Than Percussive Piling

Technical Memorandum on Noise from Percussive Piling

Technical Memorandum for the Assessment of Noise from Places Other Than Domestic Premises, Public Places or Construction Sites

Code of Practice on Good Management Practice to Prevent Violation of the Noise Control Ordinance (Chapter 400) (for Construction Industry) pdf

Code of Practice on Good Management Practice to Prevent Violation of the Noise Control Ordinance (Chapter 400) (for Industrial/Commercial Operation)pdf

Dealing with Noise Nuisance​pdf



Good Practices on Mitigating Construction Noise

​​Practice Note on Application of Sound Insulation in Residential Buildings to Reduce Noise Transmission Between Units pdf

Practice Note on Application of Innovative Noise Mitigation Designs in Planning Private Residential Developments against Road Traffic Noise Impact pdf

Guidelines On Design of Noise Barriers

Data Exchange Protocol for Traffic Noise Model

Conversion Program for Data Exchange Protocol to Simple 3D Mode in Virtual Reality Modelling Language

Good Driving Habits Reduce Road Traffic Noise (Text Alternative)pdf

Good Vehicle Maintenance Practices Reduce Vehicle Noise Emission (Text Alternative)pdf

Good Practices on Pumping System Noise Control pdf

Good Practices on Ventilation System Noise Control pdf

(List of Contractors/Acoustic Consultants having Implemented Successful Noise Abatement Works in 2000/2001/2002/2003/2004/2005/2006/2007/2008/2009/2010/2011/2013/2014/2015)

Good Practices on the Control of Noise from Liquor Licensed Establishments  pdf

Good Practices on Noise Abatement for Karaokes, Discos and Barspdf

Noise Control Guidelines for Music, Singing and Instrument Performing Activitiespdf

Guidelines on the Applicability of the Noise Control Ordinance (Cap. 400) to the Operation of Concrete Batching Plant, Public Filling Area, Public Fill Stockpiling Area, Barging Point and Landfill

Noise Control Guidelines for Cargo Handling Activities pdf

A Simple Guide on the Use of Loudhailers & Public Address (PA) Systems on Board of Vessels (Text Alternative)pdf

Guidelines on Managing Quiet Renovation pdf

Guidelines on Quiet Renovation Tools pdf (Chinese version only)



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