How to apply, update and renew QPME Label?

Section A      Download Forms & Submission Guideline

Section B      Apply New QPME Label

Section C      Renew Existing QPME Label

Section D      Update QPME Ownership

Section E      Notes to Applicant


Section A) Download Forms & Submission Guideline

  • Forms:

Form ID

Name of Form



Applicant Registration Form activate electronic application form

[After registration, the two customized electronic Forms (e-Forms) for QPME New Label Application and Renewal Application would be delivered via email]



QPME New Label Application Form


(hard-copy version)


QPME Label Renewal Form


(hard-copy version)


Change of QPME Ownership Form



Maintenance Record Checklist (Select the below type of machine)


A. Generator

B. Mobile Crane

C. Excavator

D. Air Compressor

E. Tracked Bulldozer

F. Wheeled Bulldozer

G. Tracked Loader

H. Wheeled Loader

I. Asphalt Paver

J. Vibratory Roller

K. Road Roller

L. Vibratory Compactor

M. Power Rammer

N. Hand-held Percussive Breaker

O. Concrete Crusher


Section B) Application Procedures - New QPME Label

1. Download the (QPME01 Form - Applicant Registration Form) to register and activate the e-Form.

2. Fill in the e-Form (QPME02 Form - New QPME Label Application) with necessary information. Please use one application form for each type and each model of equipment (not more than 10 units of machines per form) seeking for registration. Incomplete application form would generally not be further processed.

3. To facilitate the QPME application process, the applicant is recommended to read the Quality Submission Guideline for QPME Label Application:

4. Prepare necessary information and supporting documents to prove the equipment is in compliance with the latest noise limit of either:

  • the European Union (EU) - Article 12 of the Directive 2000/14/EC; or,
  • the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism MLIT of Japan – relevant Regulation of “Low Noise” or “Super Low Noise” Equipment

Details of supporting documents are summarized below1,2:

Essential supporting documents

EU System

MLIT of Japan System

EC Declaration of Conformity (DoC) issued by manufacturer

Certification Letter of “Low Noise” or “Super Low Noise” equipment issued by the MLIT of Japan 

Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issued by the Notified Body under Annex VI, VII or VIII of Directive 2000/14/EC

Designated Number of the equipment on MLIT’s list of "Low Noise" or "Super Low Noise"

Sound Test Report verified by the competent Notified Body.

Sound Test Report verified by the competent Japanese Certified Environmental Measurer.

photos of each piece of equipment, showing:

- "CE" marking and "LwA" Indication (EU System only)*; 

- "Low Noise" or "Super Low Noise" Label (MLIT of Japan System only)*;

- four sides* with clear indicative locations of the relevant markings; and

- serial numbers (including close-up)

All photos should be clear and legible.

*For each application, ONE set of photos is required if it could apply to each piece of equipment which is identical in appearance and information.

Proof of date of manufacture (day/month/year) of each piece of equipment.

Or otherwise, the EPD will make a conservative estimation on the manufacturing date based on available information (i.e. take the first date of month / year).

Trade leaflets / brochures of the particular equipment,

Copy of Business Registration Certificate (if applicable)


5.  Return the duly completed e-Form to the Noise Management & Control Section, Environmental Protection Department (EPD) by email together with the necessary supporting documents. (Or, return the duly completed and duly signed hardcopy application form to the EPD in person or by post. Details of submission pathways shall be referred to “Notes to Applicant”.)

6.     The processing of the application will not take more than 28 working days in general but the processing time would be affected by the complexity of individual application case and the number of applications received at a particular time. The applicant will then be notified by email about the result or be requested to submit further supporting documents or information in better quality for EPD to proceed with the application assessment.

7. Successful application would be granted with the QPME Label (electronic version) by email. The QPME owner shall print the own QPME Label on a piece of white paper with plastic lamination afterwards and then be affixed to the corresponding QPME at a conspicuous location. Information of valid QPME Label and photo of the QPME would be available in QPME datebase for the public access and the QPME owner login to download.


For mounted type concrete crusher, the applicant shall provide information to justify that it will be attached to a quality carrier to be mounted which is considered acceptable by EPD such as QPME Labeled machine.

2 If hand held percussive breaker and air compressor have been granted with the “Noise Emission Label” (NEL), the applicant should provide the NEL number during QPME Label application.


Section C) Application Procedures - Renew QPME Label

1. The applicant shall fill in the e-Form (QPME03 Form – Existing QPME Label Renewal) with necessary information after registration. The renewal application of a QPME Label could be submitted within 6 months before its date of expiry. Incomplete application form would generally not be further processed.

2. Prepare necessary information and renewal supporting documents to prove the equipment still maintain its quality performance. Details of supporting documents are summarized below:

Renewal supporting documents

  1. Noise measurement report
  • Noise measurement conducted and validated by an acoustical professional within 1 year prior to the renewal application;
  • Report should contain measurement plan, data, and photos of the equipment under test to prove compliance with the permitted noise levels as stated in the original QPME Label.
  • The testing procedures and requirements of EU Directive 2000/14/EC or Regulations of MLIT of Japan shall be referred to and shall be based on the accreditation system originally selected by the manufacturer.
  • Competent acoustical professional, including:
    • Competent professionals in Hong Kong (e.g. Corporate Members of Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics);
    • Competent professionals in EU countries (e.g. relevant Notified Bodies as recognized for EU Directive 2000/14/EC);
    • Competent professionals in Japan ((e.g. relevant Certified Environmental Measurers registered under Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry of Japan); or
    • other equivalent competent persons accepted by the EPD
  1. Maintenance record checklist  
  • Download the QPME05 Form - Maintenance Record Checklist of the certain type of equipment.
  • QPME owner shall provide and summarize at least the latest 2 consecutive years maintenance records (e.g. the maintenance logbook and photo taken in the latest 1 year) to a competent mechanical professional for assessment and endorsement within 6 months prior to the renewal application.
  • Competent mechanical professional, including:
    • a representative appointed by the relevant manufacturer;
    • a representative appointed by the agent of a service centre or workshop authorized / recognized by the relevant manufacturer;
    • an independent assessor of the relevant profession (e.g. Registered Professional Engineer (RPE) in Mechanical Discipline of The Hong Kong Engineers Registration Board); or
    • other equivalent competent persons accepted by the EPD

3. The QPME Label may be renewed for 6 more years after the original date of expiry if the EPD satisfies with the submitted noise measurement report and maintenance records.

4. Renewal application submitted after the date of expiry would still be processed but the label will only be renewed for 6 years from the original date of expiry, provided that full maintenance record covering 2 years before the original expiry date up to the date of renewal application is submitted

5. Return the duly completed e-Form to the Noise Management & Control Section EPD by email (qpme@epd.gov.hk) together with the necessary supporting documents. (Or, return the duly completed and duly signed hardcopy application form to the EPD in person or by post. Details of submission pathways shall be referred to “Notes to Applicant”.)

6. Similar to new QPME Label application, the renewal application result and, if successful, the QPME Label (electron version) would be delivered by email. Information of renewed QPME Label and photo of the QPME would also be available in the EPD QPME Database for public access and the QPME owner login to download.


Section D) Update QPME Ownership

1. In case if the ownership of the QPME is changed, the existing and new owners of the QPME should submit a duly completed and duly signed QPME04 Form – Change of Ownership, with the supporting documents (e.g. copies of Business Registration Certificate, copies of invoices) to notify the EPD. Upon confirmation of the change of ownership, the existing QPME Label would be issued to the new owner by email.

Section E) Notes to Applicant

1.  The application is free of charge.

2.  All application documents (originals and/or duplicate copies) submitted will be for record purpose or at the disposal of EPD, and not be returned.

3.  The EPD may cancel a QPME Label if it is satisfied that on the application and operation of the label, the applicant gave misleading, false, wrong or incomplete information.

4. It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit adequate documents to demonstrate the concerned equipment has fulfilled the QPME principle, that is, the item should be new, quieter, environmental friendly and efficient. In any circumstances, EPD has the right to seek for more information (including the original copies of all submitted documents) from the applicant to enable assessment of whether the equipment concerned is in good quality.

5.    For enquiry and submission of application, please contact the EPD Noise Management and Control Section via the below pathways


Office Address

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Tel. No.

Fax No.



Noise Management & Control Section

6/F., Chinachem Tsuen Wan Plaza, 455-457 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T.

(Monday – Friday 09:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00)

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#  Closed on Saturdays and Public Holidays including Sundays

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