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Description of the CWTC


Air emissions from the incineration system are closely monitored by a comprehensive management and monitoring programme to ensure that the incinerator is operating safely and in an environmentally acceptable manner.

The incinerator is equipped with an automatic waste feed cut off system. In the event of any upset, all waste feed will be stopped automatically. Furthermore a continuous monitoring system on key parameters is installed in the incinerator stack to ensure combustion and air pollutant removal processes are functioning well. Independent gas analysis system acts as a cross check monitor safe guarding against any possible malfunctions. The monitoring system includes the assessment on the ambient air quality. Fugitive emissions from waste storage, handling and treatment processes are vented to either a gas scrubber, a carbon absorption system or the incinerator.

Image of Stack Gas Emission Monitoring for Environmental Performance
Stack Gas Emission Monitoring for Environmental Performance


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Friday, 28 September, 2018