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Description of the CWTC

Ancillary Systems

The following is a summary of the key systems that support the operation of the CWTC:

Waste Container Handling
The packaged waste reception is housed in a four storey building where wastes are received, sorted, staged, tested, verified, decanted and pumped for treatment. The building and equipment are capable of processing over 3000 containers per day. Currently, an average of 400 containers of chemical waste is received for treatment each day.

Storage Tank Farm
The CWTC is equipped with approximately 50 storage tanks that receive materials from the waste container handling building as well as the bulk wastes and chemical reagents.

The laboratory provides analytical support for the operations of the CWTC. Chemical wastes are tested before and after they are received for verification of treatment determination. In treatment processes, wastes are monitored to assure proper treatment that meets the environmental control standards.

Computer System
The computer system provides the total plant operation control. It is composed of three computers linked via a data network. The Process Control and Monitoring System (PCMS) is designed to continuously monitor and control the various treatment processes in the Centre. The analytical laboratory operation is operated by the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which also collects the data and analytical results. The central computer, Contractors Computer System (CCS) provides the waste tracking function from "cradle to grave" monitoring and control of the waste streams received in the CWTC.

Image of Waste Containers Handling
Waste Containers Handling


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